Krizar, also called clampjaws, were creatures that Chay Praysh used as guard animals to patrol the grounds of his headquarters on Torpris, the homeworld of the creatures.

The pupal form of the creature lived in small shells about the size of a Human thumb in the slime pits of Torpris. At that stage, they could not survive for too long outside of the slime. They eventually would begin break out, the best time to harvest them, mouth first, with which they could painfully bite people, an injury which required a trip to the med facility to get it removed.

Praysh captured Human females to work the slime pits and find ripe Krizar Pupae. They would find and deliver the emerging Krizar to the hatchery. For a short time Mara Jade worked these pits while on an infiltration mission to rescue a shipping magnate's daughter. She used the excuse of one of the pupae biting her to get sent to the infirmary so as to obtain chemicals to aid in her escape.

Similar but less vicious species were native to other swamp worlds such as Vodran.