The Kroctari species were native to the planet Kroctar, the merchant center of the Shataum sector. Though Kroctari could speak Basic, their nasal speech sounded very alien to Human ears, as it was interspersed with wheezing and burping noises.

Despite having fought off Grand Admiral Thrawn's offensive in 9 ABY, the Kroctari were among the several species in the New Republic to ask to join the Imperial Remnant during the Caamas Document Crisis of 19 ABY. Their leader, Lord Superior Bosmihi of the Unified Factions, took this action due to the New Republic's perceived inability to help defend them from possibly hostile neighbors. This move was made even though the Kroctari were fairly well-armed for a planetary government, and were deep in New Republic territory.

It is not known if the Kroctari decided to continue to be associated with the Imperial Remnant after the unmasking of the Thrawn imposter Flim at the Battle of Yaga Minor and the subsequent signing of the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic.