Krol-Pek was a male Cerean slicer and encryption expert who lived on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Circa 31 BBY, the Genarius-based Sullustan Salld Nrump discovered evidence of the existence of three data transmitters that were being used by the Metatheran Cartel to covertly gather information in the Cularin system, and he contacted Krol-Pek to discuss his findings. Shortly afterward, Nrump went on the run from the Red Fury Brotherhood, a pirate organization that sought to use the transmitter for it's own purposes, and Krol-Pek arranged passage for Nrump to Cularin, aboard the transport The Panada's Kiss. However, Nrump was subsequently murdered by mercenaries hired by the Brotherhood, and some freelance agents traveled to Cularin in Nrump's place and rendezvoused with Krol-Pek.