The Krovalis clan was a prominent Nimbanese clan. They held the position of data holders with the Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS).

Several centuries BBY, the aggression of the Bovark clan led to all Nimbanese data holding clans losing their positions with BoSS. At the same time, the Hutts were extending their domain closer and closer to Nimban. In the face of these crises, the leaders of the Krovalis clan managed to secure their continued prosperity, and that of their species, by negotiating with both groups.

First, the clan approached Zochaeb the Hutt, offering the allegiance of the Nimbanese people, and access to the vast Nimbanese databanks. In return, the Hutts would support the Krovalis clan's application to regain their position within BoSS. Both sets of negotiations succeeded: the Hutts accepted the Nimbanese as willing servants (while allowing them internal freedom and continued economic prosperity), and BoSS made the Krovalis clan data holders once again (a position they kept as late as the Galactic Civil War).