"The first savorium-fed thookahs have already proven effective, as a Krozurbian War Council, fed on thookah-steaks, has turned away from two centuries of war and embraced peace."
PDA6 describes the effect of savorium on the Krozurbians[src]

The Krozurbians were a green-skinned sentient species native to the planet Krozurbia, near The Centrality. At one point in time, they engaged in a war amongst themselves for two hundred years. That conflict was finally ended due to the intervention of the Ithorian scientist Zorneth, who served the Krozurbian War Council steaks from savorium-fed thookah. Savorium was a drug that produced a pacifistic euphoria in its consumer, and its effect on the Krozurbian War Council led them to embrace peace and bring an end to their war.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Krozurbians were a sentient species with green skin. The Krozurbian head was dominated by a large snout with a corrugated bridge. Their expressive mouth had two large, white, canine teeth on both the upper and lower jaws, betraying their carnivorous diet. Their snout curved back to two beady eyes, which were white with black pupils. Their eyes were recessed under a heavy brow, and the Krozurbians also had a bony growth on each side of their snouts, partway toward the back of their heads. On the top of their heads, and running down their spine, were a series of blue scales. The Krozurbians were bipedal, and their hands had three fingers and an opposable thumb, while their feet had two large toes.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

Krozurbians wore various items of clothing, such as trousers, tunics with piped shoulders, and gloves. For footwear, they wrapped cloth around their lower legs and feet. The Krozurbians also wore various accessories such as bandoliers, utility belts with numerous pouches, and blaster holsters.[1]


"I laced herds of wooly thookahs with the herb so those who ate them would immediately become peaceful. I planned on spreading it throughout the galaxy, making all peoples peace-loving and harmless. What more could any Ithorian want?"
―Zorneth's journal[src]
Krozurbian War Council

The Krozurbian War Council embraces peace

The Krozurbians were native to the planet Krozurbia of the Krozurbia system. This system was located in the Shadola sector,[2] a part of the Outer Rim Territories just north of The Centrality.[3] Between the years 210 and 205 BBY,[4] internecine warfare broke out among the Krozurbians.[1]

That state of conflict endured for two hundred years, until the Krozurbian War Council was contacted by the Ithorian scientist Zorneth. Zorneth had worked with the botanist Klorr Vilia when the latter discovered the savorium herb, a drug that produced in its consumer a pacifistic rapture. After Vilia inadvertently succumbed to the drug's effect, Zorneth continued researching the herb. The Ithorian fed savorium to thookahs; as a result, consumption of the thookahs' meat produced the same effect as consumption of the herb. Zorneth offered his first herd of savorium-fed thookah steaks to the Krozurbians. The meat had a profound effect on the species: the War Council embraced peace, ending their intractable war.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Krozurbians were created by Jan Strnad for his comic book Star Wars Droids: Season of Revolt 4, published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995. They were illustrated by Bill Hughes. Their homeworld was later included and placed in The Essential Atlas.


Notes and referencesEdit

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