Krykna were predatory, non-sentient, spider-like creatures native to Atollon.


Krykna were six-legged, spider-like creatures that had durable skin and cocooned their prey in underground hives. They also had beaked mouths surrounded by a pair of fanged pedipalps. Krykna kept away from sensor beacons, and their eyes were vulnerable to blaster bolts. They feasted primarily upon Dokma,[1] and they could be connected with through the Force.[2]


Sabine vs spider creature

Sabine Wren used her blasters in a futile attempt to ward off an attacking krykna.

In 3 BBY, Lieutenant Dicer was abducted by krykna while setting up a perimeter sensor near the newly-established rebel base on Atollon. During their investigation of Dicer's last known location, Sabine Wren and Rex were also attacked by krykna. The spider-like avoided Sabine due to her proximity to the sensor marker Dicer had placed before disappearing, but they managed to capture Rex while fleeing from the Ghost.[1]

The Spectres faced several krykna in their successful attempt to rescue Rex; the predators used their webbing to trap the Ghost and prevent it from taking off. Sabine recalled the kryknas' earlier aversion to a sensor marker, so she used one to keep the creatures at bay while Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger used their lightsabers to free their ship. To prevent further krykna attacks, the rebels built a fence of sensor markers around their base.[1]

In 2 BBY, a powerful being called Bendu taught Kanan to overcome his fear of the krykna by letting the Force guide his senses. The Bendu taught him that his fear and other negative emotions blocked his connection to the Force.[2] After the former Sith Maul kidnapped the crew of the Ghost, Kanan and Ezra had to retrieve the Malachor Sith holocron from a cave full of krykna. Kanan managed to used the Force to convince the spiders of their peaceful intentions.[3]

While Ezra, Kanan, and Sabine traveled into the wilderness so that Sabine could train with the Darksaber, their speeder passed several krykna.[4] During the Battle of Atollon, Kanan later traveled to the krykna nest where Bendu dwelled in an attempted to convince the enigmatic Force-wielder to aid the rebels against the Empire.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit


Ralph McQuarrie's concept art of the "knobby white spider" for The Empire Strikes Back

The krykna are based on concept art by Ralph McQuarrie of a Dagobah lifeform, called the knobby white spider which first appeared in Kevin J. Anderson's 1995 Star Wars Legends novel Darksaber and The Illustrated Star Wars Universe.



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