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Anakin's Crossroads
"Now, be brave, and don't look back. Don't look back."
Shmi Skywalker[src]

Ksar Medenine (Arabic: مدنين كصر) is an old ksars in the town Medenine in southeastern Tunisia, on the main route to Libya. Medenine is the capital city of Medenine Governorate. Ksar Medenines was featured twice in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace: first, when Anakin Skywalker leads his new friends to his home in the sand storm, and the second time when Anakin runs back to his mother, just before he goes with Qui-Gon Jinn, both on the same location. It is one of three ksars around Tataouine to represent the Slave Quarters Row on Tatooine. Ksar Medenine is located on av 7 Nevember.

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