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The Ktilac Regions was an Allied Region located within the Inner Rim region of the galaxy.


The region contained a cluster of 192 star systems close to the Perlemian Trade Route. The Ktilac Regions was a confederacy ruled by three species, the Ktilac, Murachaun, and Tocoyans. These species formed a common culture and religion where they saw themselves as complementary to each other and considered the rest of the galaxy unholy. Apostates of their religion were often exiled.[1]

Each species ruled 63 systems. Only the Daedalon, Tun Wala and Vob systems are open to outsiders, which was why the sector was known for its small amount of Human inhabitants.[1]


The Ktilac Regions joined the Galactic Republic with the status of Allied Region that allowed it to conserve some independance. The confederacy maintained this status in the New Republic and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. [1]

Diran Miciluz was a Human native of Ktilac, and his place of birth came as a surprise to anyone who met him.[3]


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