The Ku'Amo was a modified Z-95 Headhunter that was owned by the Shistavanen Blik.


During the Clone Wars, Blik flew the Ku'Amo to the planet Caarimon, where he had been hired by the Believers to help then in a plot to release a deadly virus there. Blik brought with him the droid I4-M9, which he kept deactivated, so that it would fit aboard the Ku'Amo. He landed the Headhunter on the planet before heading out to work with the Believers. While it was there, a group of Caarite children played some games around the ship. A short time later, Blik took off it the Ku'Amo and became involved in a dogfight with another starfighter above the planet.

The Ku'Amo was painted black, with gold trim.

Behind the scenesEdit

When Blik flies the Ku'Amo off Caarimon and becomes involved in a dogfight, the opposing starfighter is flown by either the Filordus Yve or a member of the Heroes of Cularin.