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The Kuarans were the indigenous people of Kuar. Their species was mostly wiped out between 5000 and 4000 BBY when the Mandalorian Crusaders conquered Kuar. They were a humanoid species that looked very similar to humans but were different in the fact that their eyes and body were not very adapted to sunlight and they never grew hair.


They had very pale skin and all had very dark blue eyes. They were slightly larger than an average human and most of them stood at about two meters tall. None of them had hair probably because they mostly lived underground. Almost all were physically beautiful and when an offworlder caught a glimpse of these creatures they usually fell deeply in love.


Because they lived underground they had access to many crystals and beautiful minerals. Their major cities were extravagant and lined with gems and jewels from the depths of their world. They were mostly a peaceful people but because they had a government run by rival families many brief wars were common. They had a deep love of knowledge and constantly made voyages to other worlds secretly to gain more.

Kai Ro' Dane WarEdit

Approximately 8,211 BBY, a Kuaran named Vero Kai Ro' Dane came to power by inheriting his father's vast wealth. His army overthrew the current king Fin Tak' Leen and he became The first emperor of all Kuar where he ruled with an iron fist, killing many of the other families to deter resistance.