The Kuat City Spaceport was the main spaceport of Kuat City, the capital city of the planet Kuat.[1]

The spaceport was remarkably clean, and virtually every Kuati that traversed its elegant, open spaces wore elegant clothes. For although billions of beings were employed in the orbital stations and stardocks surrounding Kuat, few actually set foot on the planet itself—which was inhabited primarily by wealthy Kuati merchants, their families, and their servants. And the Kuati didn't welcome "outlanders". The spaceport had many shops, including one that sold fine clothing.[1]

In 23 BBY, bounty hunter Zam Wesell, whose services were subcontracted by Jango Fett, infiltrated Kuat's tight security and defenses to pass through the spaceport on her way to track down the criminal Hurlo Holowan, whose droid-engineering talents and ingenuity were sought by Darth Tyranus.[1]


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