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"As we speak, the Imps are mounting an attack on Kuat's main defensive control station. Their starfighters have also targeted related assets in Kuati space."
―Fleet Admiral Aygo[src]

The Kuat Defensive Station was a space station orbiting Kuat in the Kuat Drive Yards. During the Galactic War, Imperial asset K-33 sent a transmission to Admiral Zasha Ranken of the Sith Empire suggesting that this station was the key to subverting all Kuat Drive Yards security protocols. Shroud SF-4, who had been tracking K-33 went to the station to liberate capital ships for the Shroud's network. K-33 found SF-4 out, and stabbed him in the back with a vibroknife. SF-4 managed to transmit his journal entries to The Shroud before he died. Asset SF-5 was later sent to dispose of SF-4's body and belongings and to observe the Battle of Kuat to learn who would be the victor.