The Kuat Facility was an Imperial research center.


After receiving transmissions from an Imperial defector in 3 ABY, the Rebel Alliance were told of a top secret research station in the Kuat system. Not sure whether or not it was a priority target, High Command ordered Yamarus to send out a recon group to determine the station's worth. Ace Azzameen, along with Red Squadron, entered the Kuat system, knocking out the station's static defenses and communication capabilities.

Based on data gleaned from inspection of the station, Yamarus ordered the destruction of the facility. Red Squadron were able to comply and Azzameen blew the hatch open. His X-wing entered the station and managed a blow against its reactor core and made his way out before the station exploded, just as the Imperial Star Destroyer Juggernaut entered the system.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kuat is peculiar in the whole X-wing series in that it is the only unit which the player must infiltrate with his ship in order to destroy it.