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The Kubaz were a sentient species from the planet of Kubindi. They had dark skin, long snouts,[2] and sensitive eyes.[3] On the whole, their appearance resembled[1] that of the northern Mustafarians.[10] Kubaz were unable to pronounce the phonemes of Galactic Basic, and their language was made of whirring syllables.[2]

One notable member of this species was Garindan ezz Zavor, an informant who worked for the highest bidder.[1] Another was Ooblamon, a junk dealer from Taris who claimed to have recovered the red-bladed lightsaber that had belonged to Darth Vader.[9] Another Kubaz was Rikard Lovas, a male banker who regularly conducted business on the planet Jakku that fell into gambling debts owed to the Irving Boys.[7]

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