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Kuma 2 was a Nebulon-B2 frigate used by the Zaarin splinter government. It was present at the Battle of Gwar in 4 ABY.

Kuma 2's sister ships Kuma 1 and Kuma 3 were present at Grand Admiral Zaarin's Supply Base orbiting Gwar when Imperial forces loyal to the Emperor assaulted the platform and its flotilla of warships to strike a major blow against Zaarin's war efforts. As the base's defenses were routed, Kuma 2 arrived to reinforce Zaarin's forces, jumping in close proximity to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Courageous with a reinforcement of TIE/D Defenders. Despite the ferocity of the daring attack, Zaarin's TIE Defenders were routed and Kuma 2 itself fell to a heavy missile attack at the hands of Tan Maarek Stele flying an advanced Missile Boat.



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