"It's no surprise my father didn't share my point of view. He is Kun Lago, Prime Counselor to King Veruna himself."
―Ian Lago on his father[src]

Kun Lago was a Human male who was King Ars Veruna's Prime Counselor and the father of Ian Lago. At the end of the corrupt King's reign, his son Ian purportedly fell in love with the then-Princess of Theed, Padmé Amidala.


"Out! Get out of my house!"
―Lago ordering Ian to leave their home[src]

During his son's brief relationship with Amidala, he secretly witnessed them kissing and threatened to disown his son if he did not end the relationship with the political enemy. His son refused but in the end Amidala ended the relationship.

After King Veruna's abdication, Kun Lago was left unemployed and his son Ian, who was heartbroken, left Naboo.