"Kurjj, get rid of this creature!"

Kurjj was a male Drovian. He worked for Jabba the Hutt as a security guard at his Arena Citadel in Mos Espa. He was especially suited to this job because of his hulking size.

In 22 BBY, Boba Fett approached Jabba to earn employment. Kurjj was initially instructed to dispose of him, but Fett's stubbornness won him an audience with the crime lord. When he refused to accept the Hutt's price, Kurjj decided to kill him. Drawing his litch-knife, he tried to stab the young Mandalorian. However, Boba Fett was too fast, and defeated the guard. Kurjj was then dragged off to be fed to Jabba's pit beasts.


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