A Kurkuoth, sometimes referred to as a Kwath by those who have faced them, were a silicon based form of life similar to the Mynock and were considered quite a pest as they fed on energy sources found on ships or spaceports. The appeared as spidery-creatures with a square shaped central body that was protected by a hard shell. Each side of this shell contained both a segmented leg which served as the creatures method of locomotion. A mouth was situated on the lower part of the shell with clusters of eyes situated both on the top and bottom part of the central body. This essentially allowed the Kurkuoth to see any signs of danger while it was feeding.

Kurkuoths were known to be cowardly creatures that would flee rather then fight however should a Kwath develop a nest and a food source for its offspring it would often be far more 'braver'. This was presumably because of developing its territory as well as the need to continue its species. They were known to reproduce asexually which would happen depending on the environmental conditions as this would vary the amount of eggs the parent generated.