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Kurline was a Quarren shipping manager and the administrator of the Sailor's Union Landing Union chapter circa 29 BBY.


Circa 29 BBY, the Sailor's Union was a strong institution in the planet Lamaredd. Its headquarters in Farsands, capital city of Little Mon Cal, was managed by the crafty shipping manager Kurline, a Quarren.

Kurline was well-liked and supported, as he fought for the rights of the sailors. He also met with Union members whenever anyone asked, and sometimes interviewed potential new members. Sometimes, Kurline accepted bribes.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kurline was familiar with information about the Union and about Lamaredd. He was fluent in Chagri, Galactic Basic Standard, Mon Calamarian, and Quarrenese.

Kurline liked expensive clothes. He commonly carried with him a comlink, a credstick, and a datapad. His weapons of choice were a knife and a hold-out slugthrower.


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