Kutuab controlled his own small empire around Meirm City on Sriluur, answering ultimately to Jabba the Hutt. His base of operations was a bunker several hundred kilometers from the city, in the middle of the desert. Kutuab sold arms to both Weequay and Houk gangs in the city, and fueled the existing tensions between the two species to drum up more business. Limna Yith offered to sell Kutuab information on Black Sun 's operations along the Sisar Run, but Kutuab refused to pay the price in order to avoid trouble with Sprax, whom he feared. Yith escaped from Kutuab's sail yacht to her own cargo skiff and fled across the wastes of Sriluur. Kutuab threatened to toss Yith into Temptation Canyon to be eaten by bandigos. He offered a reward of 10,000 credits for her head, and 20,000 for her datapad.