A Sauvax kuuvan (after a raid).

Kuuvan was a concept in the culture of the Sauvax species of the planet Leritor. The word "Kuuvan" could be roughly translated both as "tribe" and as "tribal settlement".[1][2]

Considered as a village, a kuuvan was formed by several cabins built of stone near the line of the high shore. In at least one case, the kuuvan leader or tevelor inhabited the biggest building. Frequently kuuvans included drying racks with fishes and an open meeting area with a stone platform for a speaker. It also included rock-cut pools covered with harshes domes to store food, and tidal pools where the Sauvax grew their crops of algae and crustaceans.[1]

When Humans settled in Leritor, they negotiated a treaty known as Settlement Pact with the Sauvax. Following the treaty, Humans and other off-world presences such as starships were forbidden to approach the coast and, thus, to visit the kuuvans. However, in certain extraordinary circunstances, the Sauvax were open to invite a trusted ambassador to their community.[1]

A Dark Side Adept known as Profex Rynalla attacked a kuuvan in a narrow peninsula using blasters and starship weapons. Rynalla attempted to kill the older and weaker Sauvax, and kidnap the remaining individuals to use them as slaves. As Rynalla's presence in Leritor was unknown, she had correctly hoped that the other kuuvan would blame the Human settlers for the attack. However, one young female Sauvax survived the attack and remained hidden, having witnessed the event; and Rynalla's lackeys made several mistakes that could exonerate the Human settlers.[1]



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