This article is about a city on Naboo. You may be looking for Kwilaan, the explorer that discovered Naboo, or Kwilaan Starport, a major starport within Naboo's largest city, Keren.

Kwilaan was a city on the planet of Naboo. It was presumably named for Kwilaan, the Galactic Republic explorer who discovered Naboo.


Around 32 BBY, a group of students from Theed's Royal House of Learning attended a clandestine meeting within the city of Kwilaan with Raymas Daal, a small-time criminal that had recently become secretly supported by the Trade Federation. Daal hired the students to attack a sensor array, located near the city, under the pretense of a simple smuggling operation.

The students assaulted and successfully disabled the array.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The city of Kwilaan is the setting for the adventure, Signal Interruption, written by Wizards of the Coast author Jesse Decker. Decker likely intended the setting to be Keren, the city in which Kwilaan Starport was constructed.