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I had a minor and (hopefully) quick question for you regarding a retcon that you developed for Wullf Yularen's backstory in The Essential Guide to Warfare. In Warfare, Yularen's "War Portrait"—along with the "War Portrait" for Admiral Trench—states that he served in the Kwymar Sector Forces, a.k.a. the Planetary Security Forces for Kwymar. However, the previous backstory for Yularen in The Clone Wars Official Episode Guide for Season 1 (published way back in 2009) stated that he served with the Kwymar Sector Fleet. I don't have my copy of the Season 1 Episode Guide with me right now, but I suspect Yularen's backstory was from the section on the episode "Jedi Crash."

Are the Sector Forces (from Warfare) and Sector Fleet (from the Season 1 Episode Guide) for Kwymar intended to be the same unit? Or would the Sector Fleet potentially be a unit within the overall Sector Forces? I'm just trying to figure out the relationship between the two organizations without extrapolating too far.

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Yes, meant to be the same. Nice catch! [...] Best, J