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The Kwymar Suppressions described a series of attacks made by the Galactic Empire to subjugate planets in the Kwymar sector, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.

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Behind the scenesEdit

A conflict in the Kwymar sector was first mentioned in Star Wars Miniatures Battles, p. 82. The Kwymar Suppressions were expanded in the miniature scenarios The Hunt Within: Valance's Tale by author Jason Fry who also named the campaign. Several battles from the Imperial Sourcebook and other previous sources were retconed as part of the campaign.[7]



Notes and referencesEdit

Galactic Civil War
(2 BBY19 ABY)
Early Campaigns (2 BBY0 BBY)
Kwymar Suppressions
(c. 20 BBY)

Kestos Minor · Picuturion · Doniphon · Telos IV · Protazk

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