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Kylantha was the successor to Queen Apailana, formally styled Her Royal Highness, Queen Kylantha of Naboo, and installed as a puppet ruler in 18 BBY after her predecessor was killed on the orders of the Empire for allegedly harboring Jedi survivors of Order 66.


The monarch during the Galactic Civil War, Kylantha was outwardly loyal to the Galactic Empire, but had implemented a few changes to Naboo's democratic government—as had happened on other Imperial-held worlds—leading many to believe she was actually a Rebel Alliance sympathizer. Kylantha's personal view towards the Empire remained ambiguous.

She also issued an order to investigate the mysterious death of the late Queen Apailana, which still remained unsolved. However, Kylantha came to believe that the assassination was related to the Empire.

During her reign, Kylantha appointed Pooja Naberrie, the younger niece of the beloved Naboo politician Padmé Amidala, as Naboo's representative in the Imperial Senate, a position Naberrie held until Emperor Palpatine dissolved that governmental body in 0 BBY. Kylantha also utilized Teckla Minnau, a loyal servant of the deceased Amidala, as one of her handmaidens.

Unlike previous monarchs, Kylantha had exceeded her two terms of office by the time of the Battle of Yavin, but showed little inclination to voluntarily stepping down. Fortunately for Kylantha, her personal popularity and official public support for the status quo meant there was little pressure for her to do so.

At some point during her reign, Kylantha sent the Wookiees Orrekazzapirr, Drrlirm and Imarrra to their home world Kashyyyk to investigate whether the Imperial force stationed on the planet was asssisting the Trandoshan slavers. When she didn't receive any news from the Wookiees, Kylantha grew worried. But then a spacer arrived in Theed that Kylantha had heard many stories about whispered among some of her staff. The adventurer agreed to fly to Kashyyyk and investigate the whereabouts of Kylantha's employees. She had chosen the right being: not only did the adventurer find Drrlirm in the Kashyyykian jungles and escort him to Kachirho. The spacer also tracked the other two Wookiees to the Imperial prison on Dathomir where they had been brought and helped them escape from the planet and through the Imperial blockade. As a token of her appreciation for his help, Kylantha presented the adventurer with an old, rehauled ARC-170 starfighter. Shortly after, she invited the Ewok Chief Chirpa and his tribe to come to Naboo during their Festival of Love.

At one point it was also said that a young and wealthy suitor, in an attempt to win her heart in marriage, purchased a quadrant of the Naboo system. However, Kylantha politely refused his offer, saying that she had "married" her people and wished to serve them with all her time. Heartbroken, the suitor renamed the quadrant "Kylantha's Whim."

By the time of the New Republic, another individual was Queen of Naboo.

Behind the scenes

Kylantha is a Non-Player Character in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. Rebel players can take a quest from her where they rescue Wookiee slaves. They receive an ARC-170 starfighter as a reward.

The Queen's loyalties seem to be rather ambiguous. Outwardly, she was supportive of the Empire, but inwardly she appeared to be sympathetic to the Rebellion. Indeed, Emperor Palpatine saw to it that the Queen remained loyal to the Empire by making it appear as if the Rebellion were performing unethical acts.



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