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A government archive was built on the planet Belasco during the Kymoodon Era of galactic history. A report prepared in an effort to reduce colonization in the Outer Rim Territories was stored in archive and detailed five Hutt backed attacks on worlds beyond the frontier at the time; the assault on Lexrul, the assault on Hathrox, the assault on Drogheda, the assault on Imram and the assault on Parcovey Minor. The archive and the records were found in a fragmentary state in the year 5 ABY, and the Academician of Popular Studies, Thunys Albegron spoke concerning them at the 6 ABY Conference on Popular Entertainment.[1]

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The archive was first mentioned in the 2014 fifth entry in the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut series of posts by Jason Fry on the blog. The article featured content cut from The Essential Guide to Warfare a book released in 2012 by Fry.


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