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The kyren was a flying creature native to the planet Ansion. They were almost jet black with four membranous wings, two large at the front of the thorax and two smaller ones at the rear. The kyren would glide on the upper wings while being propelled by the rear ones. A bright yellow splotch decorated each wing, possibly an aid for identification. They were legless, and instead boasted a pair of thick, furry tufts that ran the length of its underside, like runners on a sled. Since they were airborne for most of their lives, the kyren had little need for legs. The kyrens' mouth seemed large for its body size, a wide gape lined top and bottom with twin ridges of horn. Kryen used these ridges as airborne scythes, clipping the crests of ripened grain on the plains as they flew by. Thus the field of grain is never flattened or destroyed, only shorn of their ripened seed, and left looking perfectly manicured. Kyren migrated from region to region according to the seasons, traveling in flocks of up to and sometimes over 150 million individuals, creating an eclipse as they flew overhead. Kyren flocks did not move to avoid any objects in their way, whether unable or unwilling, and thus despite their herbivorous nature were highly dangerous to any creature that could not find proper cover to hide behind. They made a screeching noise, and reportedly smelled very bad. Though hundreds and hundreds died during migration, no one eats them because even after a Kryen is cooked, it "tastes like boiled mud. All grease."



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