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L'Xing was one of the nations on the planet Praven Prime. The spoken language of one the primary sentient species there possessed a very peculiar grammatical structure—for example, the accidental transference of a very simple L'Xing syntax for the word "friendship" would completely alter its meaning.

It was this very phenomenon which came into play and incited a planetary civil war with its planetary neighbor, the Gu-vandi Collective, when "assassin droid" HK-47 suggested—very likely maliciously—that the mate of the leader of an L'Xing delegation had been impregnated by their Gu-vandi host, a civil war that lasted at least until the year 3951 BBY.

This civil war caused the Republic to lose control of Gu-vandi space. HK-47 thought that this would be a good thing. Since the Republic had to wait to act until the conclusion of the war, the cost of the relief efforts would be less due to a drastically reduced L'Xing population.


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