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"L'ulo L'ampar, a skilled, fierce warrior who spent his life fighting on the side of all that is good and right in the galaxy."
―General Leia Organa[src]

L'ulo L'ampar was a male Duros who served as a commander in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and as a pilot in the Resistance. In the year 4 ABY, Lieutenant L'ampar participated in the Battle of Endor, flying an A-wing in Green Squadron. As the Galactic Civil War raged on after the Rebel victory at Endor, L'ampar was promoted to captain and led Green Squadron through campaigns such as the liberation of Cawa City. During this time, L'ampar formed a close friendship with Shara Bey, a fellow Green Squadron pilot. Three months after the Battle of Endor, Bey mustered out of service, and L'ampar maintained a close relationship with her, acting as an uncle figure to her son, Poe Dameron.

Over the next three decades, Imperial sympathizers organized into the First Order. Viewing it as a threat to the New Republic, former Rebellion leader Leia Organa created the Resistance to oppose the First Order and protect the Republic. L'ampar joined the Resistance Starfighter Corps and was personally selected by Dameron to join Black Squadron. The squadron was tasked with finding Lor San Tekka, an explorer who was believed to know the location of Luke Skywalker, Organa's brother and the last Jedi.

During their search, L'ampar and Black Squadron visited the planets Ovanis and Megalox Beta, facing off against Terex, an agent of the First Order Security Bureau. In Black Squadron's final encounter with Terex, L'ampar sacrificed himself to protect innocent lives. A funeral was held for L'ampar at the Resistance base, where Organa and Dameron spoke highly of the Duros veteran. Later, Black Squadron's mission was completed when Dameron located Tekka on the desert planet Jakku.


Empire's endEdit

Battle of EndorEdit

"Lieutenant L'ulo?"
"Green Four, nice flying."
"Thank you, Green Two. I heard they're shuttling personnel down to the moon. To celebrate."
"That is correct. I take it you'd like to join them?"
"You're acting as group commander now, so…yes, sir. I know General Madine is worried about an Imperial counter-attack. I can remain on duty if—"
"Stop. Of course you can…I'm sure he came through fine, Shara…"
―Shara Bey and L'ulo L'ampar[src]

L'ulo L'ampar[6] was a male Duros who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Holding the rank of lieutenant, L'ampar flew as a Rebel pilot in Green Squadron, operating an RZ-1 A-wing interceptor[4] under the command of Green Leader Arvel Crynyd.[7] In 4 ABY,[8] after the Bothan spynet discovered that Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine would be aboard the Death Star II to oversee its construction, Alliance High Command determined that launching an immediate assault on the space station would be their only chance to cripple the Empire.[9]


L'ulo L'ampar and the pilots of Green Squadron attack the Executor during the Battle of Endor.

With the full Alliance Fleet, L'ampar, under the callsign of Green Two,[4] exited hyperspace above the forest moon of Endor, approaching the superweapon[9] in his A-wing. On the moon's surface the Pathfinders, an Alliance Special Forces unit,[4] were attempting to disable the Death Star's shield by destroying its shield generator, but when the Alliance Fleet arrived, the shield was still up and—previously unknown to the Rebellion—the superweapon was fully operational. Realizing that the battle was a trap set by the Empire but unable to escape, the Rebel starfighters engaged the Imperial forces, trying to buy more time[9] for the Pathfinders. Along with Commander Crynyd and a portion of Green Squadron, L'ampar attacked[4] the Executor, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought[10] serving as command ship in the Imperial Navy.[11] The attack brought down the Executor's shields, and Crynyd, seeing a chance to even the odds, sacrificed himself in a suicide run to destroy the capital ship's bridge.[7] In light of Crynyd's death, L'ampar assumed command of Green Squadron. Soon after, the Pathfinders succeeded in lowering the Death Star's shield, giving Gold Leader Lando Calrissian[4] and Red Leader Wedge Antilles an opportunity to destroy the station. With the superweapon gone and Emperor Palpatine dead,[9] the Alliance Fleet regrouped and began shuttling pilots to the forest moon to celebrate with the Pathfinders and local Ewok population.[4]

Despite their victory, General Crix Madine was wary of an Imperial counter-attack, causing some pilots to remain with their starfighters on standby. L'ampar was approached by Green Four Shara Bey, who inquired if she could join the festivities. L'ampar, knowing she was concerned about her Pathfinder husband, Kes Dameron, granted her permission to join the celebration. The following morning, Rebel intelligence discovered transmissions from an Imperial holdout on the far side of the moon. L'ampar arrived in Bright Tree Village and attended a briefing by General Han Solo, who discussed plans to remove the Imperial presence. The Rebels launched an assault on the outpost and discovered new Imperial communications, confirming that the war was not yet over.[4]

Continued warEdit

"You ever think that this is never going to end?"
"Ah, Shara, you can't think that way. Otherwise we're just fighting for the sake of the fight, right?"
―Bey and L'ampar[src]

Weeks after the Battle of Endor, L'ampar leads Green Squadron in the battle of Cawa City.

Seventeen days after the Battle of Endor, L'ampar commanded Green Squadron to liberate Cawa City—the Imperial-held capital of Sterdic IV—alongside Feral Group. During the battle, Bey, flying as Green Two, assisted L'ampar by destroying a TIE fighter pursuing him. Shortly after, when Bey's A-wing became damaged and started leaking coolant, the Duros returned the favor and downed her attacker. Once Bey was safe, L'ampar ordered Feral Leader to issue an attack run on an All Terrain Armored Transport. Y-wing bomber pilots Feral Two and Feral Three then dropped explosive clusters, which magnetized to the walker and destroyed it, successfully ending the conflict. After the battle, L'ampar spoke with Bey about how hard she had been working, encouraging her to spend time with her husband and her son, Poe.[3]

During the next two months, L'ampar continued to serve the Alliance Fleet and received a promotion to captain.[12] In 5 ABY,[8] three months after the Battle of Endor, Admiral Gial Ackbar and General Madine informed the fleet that the war did not have a foreseeable end, so L'ampar submitted resignation paperwork for Bey, telling her that she had done more than expected and that she had a family to look after. Bey heeded L'ampar's advice and settled into a Yavin 4 colony with her husband.[12] Soon after, the Rebellion formally became the New Republic, and mere days after the Battle of Endor's one year anniversary, the Galactic Civil War ended with the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Jakku and the signing of the Galactic Concordance.[13] In the following years, L'ampar maintained his friendship with Bey and Dameron, and he acted as an uncle figure for their son.[14] Prior to Bey's death in 10 ABY,[15] she told her son about the L'ulo Stand,[16] a complex flight maneuver named in L'ampar's honor.[17]

Black SquadronEdit

Mission to OvanisEdit

First contactEdit
L'ampar: "I was about a second away from flying down into that cavern and looking for you, son."
Poe Dameron: "I'm fine, L'ulo. Listen, all of you. We've been made. There was a tracker on my ship. We're gonna have company, I think. The First Order's probably already on its way."
Karé Kun: "You got that a little wrong, Poe."
Poe Dameron: "I'm not wrong, Karé. I'm looking at the tracker right now."
Karé Kun: "Not about the tracker. About the First Order. They aren't on their way. They're already here."
―L'ampar, Poe Dameron, and Karé Kun, during the mission to Ovanis[src]
Black Squadron assembled

L'ampar is personally selected by Poe Dameron to join Black Squadron.

Over the next two decades, Imperial sympathizers created the First Order, a successor state of the Empire. Believing the First Order to be a threat to the Republic, Leia Organa, a war hero of the Rebellion, organized the Resistance to oppose them.[18] L'ampar joined Organa's Resistance, offering his piloting skills to its Starfighter Corps.[5] In 34 ABY,[8] Bey's son Dameron also joined, becoming recognized as the Resistance's best,[5] most daring pilot.[19] Soon after Dameron joined, Organa tasked him to locate Lor San Tekka, an explorer who knew the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker—Organa's brother and the last Jedi in the galaxy. The First Order was also searching for Skywalker, and although trouble was unlikely, Organa authorized Dameron to select a squadron of four pilots and a technician. Choosing friends whom he could trust, Dameron recruited L'ampar, along with technician Oddy Muva and T-70 X-wing pilots Temmin Wexley, Karé Kun, and Jessika Pava, to form Black Squadron. Dameron informed the group that they would be departing on a mission, but, to L'ampar's disapproval, the purpose of their mission remained classified.[5]

Black Squadron departed from the secret Resistance base on D'Qar, traveling to Ovanis—an uneven, mountainous world—where Tekka was last seen. While Dameron scouted an artificial cavern with his X-wing, L'ampar and the other three pilots remained flying above the surface. Dameron reported his findings to Wexley, explaining that he had found a settlement and a large egg. Black Squadron then lost contact with Dameron, but just as L'ampar readied himself to enter the cavern, the transmission was restored. Dameron reported that he was fine, but that he had found a tracker on his ship and that the First Order was likely to arrive soon. Dameron's fears were already fulfilled, however, as Kun spotted a First Order platform loaded with two Atmospheric Assault Landers, eight TIE/fo space superiority fighters, and numerous rocket troopers above the cavern's entrance.[5]


L'ampar's "finger slips," provoking the First Order forces on Ovanis.

As the stormtroopers entered the cave, Dameron contacted the squadron again, requesting aid. Since Black Squadron was not authorized to initiate a fight with the First Order, Pava suggested prompting the enemy pilots to shoot first. Aware that the First Order TIE fighters were more maneuverable than the X-wings, L'ampar volunteered to aggravate the enemy pilots with his A-wing. Flying low and cheering, the Duros flew past the enemy platform; however, the TIE pilots were unresponsive. L'ampar concluded that they too were under orders not to engage, so L'ampar attempted another pass, although this time he strafed the transport with laser fire, casually claiming that his "finger slipped" on the trigger. The TIE pilots quickly responded to the attack, allowing Black Squadron to engage. The TIE fighters were swiftly eliminated, but before L'ampar could land on the platform to refuel, it exploded, leading L'ampar to believe his volley had been too intense. The burning transport crashed over the cavern's entrance and sealed Dameron inside with the First Order troops, but Wexley was confident that Dameron would be fine. However, despite Black Squadron seemingly having the upper hand, dozens of TIE fighters arrived from orbit, continuing the fight.[20]

Encountering the CrècheEdit
"I reviewed the after-action reports—you escalated the situation. You completely blew off the rules of engagement. You fired first. You gave the First Order an excuse to attack us."
"Absolutely. And I'd do it again. We both know that's where things are headed. Every TIE fighter we destroy now is one less that can attack us when things really get hot. We have to fight them every chance we get!"
―Poe Dameron and L'ampar[src]

Pava noted that Black Squadron was outnumbered five to one, and she suggested that they remove themselves from the fight. L'ampar agreed, also adding that Dameron might be able to assist if given more time. Black Squadron then split up, flying into the canyons and engaging the TIE fighters. However, when Pava's fighter received damage, the squadron regrouped in the open air. As the starfighters of Black Squadron began running dangerously low on fuel, Dameron contacted them again, warning them that something was heading their way. As Dameron spoke, two gigantic, winged entitiesborn from the egg Dameron had discovered—broke through the ground, locked in a fight. As the creatures fought, Wexley commanded Black Squadron to enter the newly formed hole and land at the outpost inside.[14]


Black Squadron and the Crèche elder discuss Terex's fate.

Grounded inside the cavern and reunited with Dameron, the members of Black Squadron and the Crèche—the cavern's religious residents—rounded up the First Order troops and their leader, Agent Terex of the First Order Security Bureau. The agent remarked that taking him prisoner would provide the First Order justification to attack the New Republic, so Dameron consulted with L'ampar, Wexley, and the Crèche's religious elder on what to do. L'ampar suggested refueling, destroying Terex's cruiser, and leaving him with the Crèche, although Dameron turned down the idea, saying the First Order would send reinforcements to search for Terex. Stumped, Wexley scoffed that they should let the agent go, but the Crèche elder agreed, saying Terex could no longer hurt them, to which Dameron concurred. Once refueled and in the planet's orbit, Dameron told his team that the Crèche provided him with a lead on Tekka's whereabouts: prison.[14]

L'ampar and the rest of Black Squadron returned to the Resistance base on D'Qar, where they drank and celebrated their victory. The Duros enjoyed his drink, telling Dameron how much he had needed it and that fighting off the First Order was a proper cause for celebration. Dameron, who had reviewed the after-action reports and learned of L'ampar escalating the fight, told the Duros that he had broken the rules of engagement and gave the First Order a reason to attack. However, L'ampar held to his actions, telling Dameron that war was inevitable and that every fighter they destroyed was one less that would attack them when the fight truly began. Dameron argued L'ampar's statement, saying that while Black Squadron was stronger than enemy forces, the Resistance was not, and giving the First Order justification for an attack would set the Resistance against one-to-one-thousand odds. Dameron added that L'ampar was right—war was inevitable—but they were not yet ready, and they had to gather the needed resources before time ran out.[21]

Visiting GrakkusEdit

Arrival on Megalox BetaEdit
"Turns out our man Lor went to see someone named Grakkus the Hutt. He's a collector—very into all sorts of Force-related things. Jedi stuff. Or he was, anyway. He's been in prison since the days of the Empire. A really nasty prison…for really nasty people."
―Dameron, informing Black Squadron of their new destination[src]

As the festivities settled, Black Squadron was addressed by Dameron, who told them of their next mission: visit a prison on Megalox Beta to speak with the Hutt Grakkus. A prisoner on Megalox Beta, Grakkus collected relics relating to the Force, and he was the individual whom Tekka had visited after staying with the Crèche. L'ampar and Black Squadron embarked on their trip and contacted Luta, the prison warden, making arrangements to see the Hutt. Once in orbit around Megalox Beta, the squadron landed in a space station and met with Luta. The warden explained that the station projected a protective field upon a portion of Megalox Beta's surface, shielding the prison from the planet's heavy gravitational pull.[21]


Trapped in Megalox prison, Black Squadron fights off the rioting prisoners.

L'ampar and the rest of Black Squadron boarded a ferry to the surface, escorted by prison guards who would take them to the fortress of Grakkus. However, unknown to L'ampar and his comrades, Agent Terex of the First Order had previously arrived and bribed the guards to lock the Resistance pilots inside. In the prison, L'ampar and his fellow pilots were approached by a mob of prisoners, but before a fight could start, Pava activated canisters of gas. The Black Squadron pilots donned breath masks, using their blasters and more gas canisters to fend off the prisoners. L'ampar and his teammates ran toward Grakkus' palace, and as they neared the fortress' outer wall, the prisoners gave up the attack and gathered outside of the building's perimeter. The Resistance pilots entered the walled courtyard, where they were surrounded by the Grakks, a group of cybernetically-enhanced Hutts who served Grakkus. The Grakks grabbed L'ampar and the other pilots while Grakkus escorted Dameron inside the fortress.[21]

After an extended wait under the Grakks' supervision, L'ampar and Black Squadron noticed the fortress doors opening and, to their surprise, Agent Terex stepped out. Terex exited the courtyard and walked through the criminal mob, which parted for him. Soon after, Dameron also exited the building to reunite with the squadron. L'ampar asked Dameron what the First Order was doing on Megalox Beta, and Dameron revealed that they too had come searching for Tekka. He further explained that Grakkus knew where Tekka was, and the Hutt would only give the information to whoever could break him out of prison first.[22]

Operation UpsideEdit
"Well, that worked."
"Told you, L'ulo. Go get us some guns."
―L'ampar and Dameron, after deactivating the gravity field[src]

Dameron contacted his astromech droid, BB-8, and told the droid to begin "Operation Upside," a plan which involved the four astromech droids of Black Squadron—BB-8, R2-HA, O-R10N, and R4—to alter the controls aboard the Megalox space station and help the Resistance members free Grakkus. However, hours passed without hearing from the droids, and the crowd of prisoners outside Grakkus' walls began to break into the castle's courtyard. L'ampar and the rest of Black Squadron were quickly outnumbered, so Dameron told his squadron to retreat into Grakkus' fortress and wait out the attack. As Dameron spoke, he and L'ampar saw that Grakkus had already retreated there, closing the large, guarded doors behind him, trapping the pilots outside and forcing them to fight.[22]

Fending off the attackers, L'ampar and the other pilots retreated to the front steps of Grakkus' fortress. Yelling through the doors, L'ampar called Grakkus a "slug" and demanded to be let inside, but Grakkus declined. As the prisoners overwhelmed the Resistance fighters, Dameron received a message from BB-8, informing him that Operation Upside was ready for execution. Upon Dameron's word, L'ampar and the others activated gravity belts, and the droids overrode the space station's controls, disabling the gravity shield. The belts kept Black Squadron from being crushed by the planet's full gravity, while the mob of prisoners, the Grakks, and Terex were all pinned to the ground. The success surprised L'ampar, and Dameron told the Duros to find guns.[23]

Black Squadron vs Carrion Spike

L'ampar and Black Squadron battle Agent Terex's flagship, the Carrion Spike.

Fully armed with L'ampar's collected weapons, Black Squadron destroyed the door to Grakkus' fortress. Inside, Dameron approached the Hutt and gave him a gravity belt. Accompanied by Grakkus, Black Squadron returned to the orbiting station, finding a shuttle for the Hutt. Back in their starships, L'ampar and Black Squadron began escorting Grakkus' shuttle, but before they could enter hyperspace, the Megalox station was destroyed by Terex's ship, the Carrion Spike. The space station launched escape pods, and as the Carrion Spike began firing upon them, Black Squadron engaged the ship. L'ampar and the other Resistance pilots quickly overpowered Terex's ship, and it jumped to lightspeed. With Terex gone and the escape shuttles safe, Black Squadron departed the Megalox system. Freed from the prison, Grakkus kept his deal, giving the data about Tekka to Dameron.[23]


"Shooting unarmed escape pods? I'm sending these monsters straight to hell! […] Ha! That's how a Rebel pilot does it, you low-down, dirty—"
―L'ampar's final words[src]

Back on D'Qar, Black Squadron's mission was paused while General Organa reviewed the data. During this time, Dameron was assigned to a secret mission with the protocol droid C-3PO and the Resistance spy droid network, and Dameron selected Muva to join him.[24] However, Agent Terex and the Ranc gang—Terex's old criminal allies—set a trap for Dameron, and a battle began over a desert planet. Dameron's X-wing was shot down,[25] forcing the commander to retreat into a cave. With Dameron cornered, Terex and his gang moved into the cave.[26] L'ampar and the rest of Black Squadron discovered Dameron's plight, and they flew to the desert planet, fighting the Ranc gang's Ugly starfighters in battle. Black Squadron was outnumbered, and Kun's X-wing was hit, barely able to maintain flight. When L'ampar asked Kun about her status, she stated that she lost her steering, and there were three enemy fighters heading toward her. Before the enemy ships could destroy Kun's fighter, they were obliterated by the Carrion Spike, which had secretly been boarded and sabotaged by Muva, who had reprogrammed the ship's targeting computers.[2]


L'ampar sacrifices himself to save the escape pods.

As Muva and a group of Terex's slaves fled the flagship in escape pods, the pilot requested an escort to the planet's surface. L'ampar and Black Squadron moved in to protect the escape pods, but one was destroyed by a Ranc gang ship. Appalled by the Ranc gang's merciless killing, L'ampar swooped in behind the enemy ships, avenged the destroyed escape pod, and proclaimed victory. However, more enemy starships arrived behind L'ampar, shooting down the A-wing, instantly killing the Duros veteran in a fiery explosion. Acknowledging L'ampar's sacrifice, Black Squadron continued to protect the escape pods. As the remaining escape pods reached the surface, a First Order fleet arrived, finishing off Terex's forces. In the battle's aftermath, Terex, who had become a renegade from the First Order, was taken captive by First Order Commander Malarus, and Dameron, learning of L'ampar's death, began to process the loss of his friend.[2]


"You want to talk luminous? L'ulo L'ampar was about as luminous as they come. The stuff might be gone, but he's not. I can still feel him. Right here. Shining away. May the Force be with you, L'ulo."
―Dameron, concluding his eulogy[src]

Later, a funeral was held for L'ampar at the Resistance base, with his comrades mourning his death. General Organa began the funeral by remembering L'ampar as a fierce, dedicated warrior, and she invited Dameron to give the eulogy. Dameron began by speaking of the Force, and he told a story about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Dameron explained that Kenobi was one of the last Jedi, and he had perished fighting evil, just as L'ampar had. Continuing, Dameron stated that when Kenobi had died, his body vanished, leaving behind only his lightsaber and robes. Dameron then spoke of Skywalker, and how he had learned that individuals were not flesh and bone, but were "luminous." Placing his hand on the empty casket, Dameron finished his story, stating that when pilots die, they vanish just as the Jedi had, but they would not be gone.[6]

Funeral of Lulo Lampar

Dameron concludes his eulogy for L'ampar.

Dameron then discussed his past with L'ampar, explaining that the Duros had served as an uncle figure to him, and that L'ampar had been one of the best pilots he had ever met, never backing out of a fight. Stating that L'ampar was luminous, Dameron expressed how he could still feel L'ampar's presence. Dameron concluded the eulogy by saying "may the Force be with you," addressing both L'ampar and the gathered Resistance members.[6] In the time after the funeral, Dameron continued Black Squadron's search for Tekka, and he eventually discovered the explorer on the desert planet of Jakku. Upon meeting Tekka, Dameron received a map to Skywalker,[19] fulfilling Black Squadron's objective.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"For a pilot who just helped liberate Cawa City, that's a mighty long face."
"This coming from a Duros."
"I would have you know that my face is considered quite short for one of my people."
"And devilishly handsome, too, I'm sure, L'ulo."
"That as well."
―L'ampar and Bey[src]

L'ampar and Shara Bey were close friends, and he acted as an uncle figure toward her son.

A male, green-skinned Duros, L'ampar had red eyes and—according to himself—a relatively short, handsome face. L'ampar believed that spending time with family was important, and he often confronted Bey, asking her to spend more time with her husband and son. When Bey's husband had his resignation paperwork approved, L'ampar took the liberty of submitting Bey's, reassuring her that she had done her share for the Rebellion, and that mustering out was not desertion.[12] Following Bey's service, L'ampar kept in contact with her family, and he acted as an uncle to the young Dameron,[14] helping to raise the child.[6] Although L'ampar was concerned for Bey, the Duros had a lighthearted nature, frequently making jokes in serious situations.[3]

During L'ampar's time with the Resistance, he disapproved of classified information being withheld from him, and he perceived that Organa still did not trust him despite their shared history. When L'ampar voiced this complaint, Kun joked that the Duros was an "old-timer" and was lucky to still be flying.[5] As a member of Black Squadron, L'ampar respected Dameron, praising the commander for trusting the squadron to improvise when needed, rather than giving them uninformed orders. The Duros saw that trait as the "mark of a good commander," validating this opinion through his prior experiences under poor leadership.[20] L'ampar believed that a war between the First Order and New Republic was inevitable, so during Black Squadron's first mission, he broke the rules of engagement and fired upon the enemy fighters. Following the mission, Dameron confronted L'ampar about his actions, but the Duros refused to apologize, arguing that a fighter destroyed then was one less to worry about later.[21]

L'ampar was protective of his friends,[5] and he gave his life in a mission to rescue Dameron from Terex and the Ranc gang. In the battle, the gang's destruction of unarmed escape pods enraged L'ampar, and he vowed that no more would be destroyed, ultimately sacrificing himself in their defense. His actions saved the lives of several escaping slaves, as well as the life of Muva. The Resistance viewed L'ampar's death as a heroic sacrifice,[2] and his comrades remembered him for having a cranky, kind, crazy, and strong demeanor.[6] In the wake of L'ampar's death, his sacrifice became a rallying point for Black Squadron in their following missions.[27]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

"I'm the best. And you're the best, too. We're all the best. One-on-one, no First Order pilot can come close to us. Bang bang, boom boom, we win."
―Dameron to L'ampar, regarding Black Squadron[src]
Lulos A-wing

L'ampar was a skillful, veteran A-wing pilot.

L'ampar was one of the best pilots in the Rebellion,[28] and he flew an A-wing interceptor through numerous Alliance campaigns.[12] Following the Battle of Endor, L'ampar became Green Leader, commanding the other pilots of Green Squadron.[4] During the battle in Cawa City, L'ampar saved Bey from a TIE fighter when her A-wing was damaged, and he also helped clear the approach for the bombers of Feral Group.[3] An atmospheric flight maneuver called a L'ulo Stand was named in L'ampar's honor,[17] and Bey, having once witnessed it, described the maneuver to her son, Dameron.[16] Thirty years after the Battle of Endor, Dameron, who was recognized as the best pilot in the Resistance,[5] completed an improvised version of a L'ulo Stand in the vacuum of space, during a skirmish against numerous forces of the First Order.[16] Less than a year later, Dameron personally requested L'ampar's participation in Black Squadron,[5] ranking the Duros among the best pilots of the Resistance.[21] With Black Squadron, L'ampar contributed to numerous successful Resistance missions.[21][23] In addition to piloting, L'ampar was capable with a blaster rifle, and he used one to fend off assailants at the Megalox prison.[21]


"Good thing we're not all flying X-wings, then, isn't it?"
―L'ampar, offering his A-wing's maneuverability[src]

As a pilot of the Rebellion and Resistance, L'ampar wore a green flight suit and helmet[5] while operating a modified[7] RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, a single-pilot starfighter manufactured by Kuat Systems Engineering.[10] By the time he joined Black Squadron, L'ampar's A-wing was considered ancient.[26] L'ampar was the sole member of Black Squadron to not pilot an X-wing, and the diversity showed its usefulness against the maneuverability of the First Order's TIE fighters.[20] During the mission on Megalox Beta, L'ampar donned a black combat uniform, a breath mask, and a gravity belt.[21] When not on active duty, L'ampar wore a Resistance fighter jacket,[29] and he smoked a pipe.[24]

Behind the scenesEdit

"L'ulo was like Poe's uncle growing up—his green, red-eyed uncle. Everyone's got one of those, right?"
―Charles Soule[src]

L'ulo L'ampar was introduced in Shattered Empire, Part I, a comic book written by Greg Rucka, illustrated by Marco Checchetto, and published on September 9, 2015 by Marvel Comics as a part of Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[30] In Star Wars: Shattered Empire, L'ampar is a supporting character, while the comic's protagonist, Shara Bey, is an A-wing pilot who flies second to him.[31] The inclusion of A-wing pilots as primary characters was made by Rucka, whose favorite movie starfighter is the A-wing.[32] In late 2015, Before the Awakening, a junior novel written by Rucka, was published as a tie-in to Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. In a segment centered on Poe Dameron,[16] the novel references L'ampar through the L'ulo Stand,[17] although the character's name is misspelled as "L'ullo."[16]

In 2016, L'ampar was featured as a supporting character in Star Wars: Poe Dameron, an ongoing comic series written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.[33] When asked about the relationship between L'ampar and Dameron, Soule stated that L'ampar was like an unorthodox uncle to Dameron, comparing the character to memorable relatives at Thanksgiving reunions.[14] Throughout L'ampar's comic book appearances, the character gathered a fandom, which Soule was unaware of while writing Poe Dameron 13: The Gathering Storm, Part VI, in which L'ampar dies. Soule felt that L'ampar's death was earned, tragic, and heroic, and he used L'ampar's funeral as a tribute to Carrie Fisher,[34] who had passed away in late 2016.[35] The funeral was depicted in Poe Dameron 14: Legend Lost, Part I, and it provided the first instance of the surname "L'ampar."[6]


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Notes and referencesEdit

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