"Step right up, my friend. I have a proposition for you. During this Festival that celebrates Love and Romance, there are those who lack someone to share their life. You can help change that. Are you interested?"
―L-O53 to an unknown spacer[src]

L-O53 was a matchmaking protocol droid.



L-O53 in Tyrena.

L-O53 participated in the Ewok Festival of Love. He would task spacers in Tyrena and Kaadara to pair up a variety of individuals based on their similar interests.

Unlike most protocol droids, L-O53 was painted in such way that he appeared to be wearing a tuxedo.

Behind the scenesEdit

L-O53 is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. Ever since the Festival of Love event in 2009, he has made appearances during each yearly event. During these events, players can speak to L-O53 and receive a task to help pair up NPC couples.

The name L-O53 was apparently intended to resemble the word "LOVE."


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