L80-RC was an L80-series protocol droid that belonged to Riboga the Hutt. The droid was one of many that helped Riboga run his business and was destroyed sometime after Riboga was removed from control of the Cularin system's crime. Its head was later located by Ginder the Bimm in a shipment of scrap brought down from Uffel. He turned it over to freelance mercenaries for safekeeping when the head seemed to be drawing attention from dangerous people. The Thaereian military and criminals looking for favor from Nirama each wanted it because it had once belonged to Riboga, while the droids of Uffel wished it returned to them.

L80-RC had been light green in color, like weathered copper, and by the time Ginder found the head, it had become slightly battered. Given a power source, it was repairable, or its data could be downloaded. The head contained information on inventories performed when Riboga turned his operations over to Nirama, and locations of secret caches of weapons and treasure in case Riboga ever wanted to return to the Cularin system. Inside the head were hidden some explosives, which the droids of Uffel knew how to activate.