L9-G8 (Elnine-Geeate) was a cooking droid that was given by the Squib King Ebareebaveebeedee to the crew of the Rebel Alliance shuttle Bonderium during their mission to intercept intelligence datapacks from the Imperial transport Elusive. The droid was 1.8 meters tall and humanoid with a wide, flat, boxy head. Non-stick surfaces and a variety of cooking implements suited his role as a chef.

The Squibs had originally purchased Elnine for fifty credits and kept him for a year. Earlier in his career, he had cooked for the Prince of Tamboon. Elnine aided Bonderium's mission into the Paradise system by giving detailed advice for a feast that the crew prepared, in order to bribe entry to the Ugor holy system.

L9-G8 was capable of cooking delicacies for many species, including:


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