This article is about the type of courier droid. You may be looking for LB-series bulk-loading droid.

The LB-series courier droid was developed by Industrial Automaton during the Galactic Civil War. Only a few hundred were made during the initial test run, including LB-K2. The LB series was designed to be a reasoning commuications device, capable of both intra-system data transfer, and normal "life-form" communications. Thus, it functions both in Second-degree and Third-degree applications.[1]

LB-series droids were spherical in shape and maneuvered using a repulsor unit. They were cooperative and verbose, with vocabulator set in the tone and register of Human females. To protect any sensitive information they might be provided with, the internal programming of LB-series droids were designed to withstand both physical and technological attack. They were also equipped with ion shielding that gave them some resistance against Ion blasters.[1]


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