LC-Zed was an early model of LC "hunting droid", a precursor to the Eliminator 434 assassin droid.


LC-Zed was vaguely insectoid in shape. It moved about on a repulsor-ball carriage, somewhat like a droideka. LC-Zed had no vocabulator and was incapable of audible speech.


At one point, LC-Zed went rogue and murdered its master. The LC "hunting droid" made things even worse during its escape by killing three law enforcement officials, a portmaster, and by stealing the governor's shuttle. Being pursued by the Abbaji System Constables, who were looking for it in the Spar sector, LC-Zed took temporary refuge on Sarafur, in the nearby Moddell sector. Having slightly damaged its shuttle in the process, LC-Zed started a hunt for a new hyperdrive motivator and laser cannon energy coils.