"I'd like to welcome you all to Uffel. My name's LV-15, and I'll be your guide for the first part of today's tour."

LV-15 was a protocol droid that was manufactured on Uffel, a moon in the Cularin system that was populated entirely by droids. In c. 31 BBY, the droids of Uffel opened up their facilities to outsiders, and LV-15 was assigned to work as a tour guide. He met a tour group—which included the Heroes of Cularin—at the Uffel landing pads, and escorted them to the city X2-4, where he handed the tourists over to the droid HG-211. He later escorted the tour group to X2-4's military-grade droid production facility, and he explained to them how the factory had been recently brought offline due to an act of sabotage.

Personality and traitsEdit

LV-15 was programmed with a masculine persona. He was friendly, and spoke with a deep, smooth voice.