"And you said earlier you had a pedigree? Can you tell me more about it?"
"This marks me as a descendant of one of the most sought-afer slave families. I can date my lineage back several generations. The Laar line is a pure-blooded one."
―Madhi Vaandt and Shohta Laar[src]

The Laar family was a family of Chev slaves from the planet Vinsoth. They were considered to be particularly valuable for their exceptional breeding, producing some of the most sought-after slaves. The Laar family served as slaves for many generations, and Shohta Laar wore a bracelet welded onto his arm as a pedigree, marking him as a member of the highly sought-after family. In 44 ABY, Shohta was lost by the Chevin Guumak in a game of chance to the journalist Madhi Vaandt. Vaandt then freed him publicly during a recording of her segment on The Perre Needmo Newshour, and he began working for her as a member of her staff.