"We can't do much about the ChaseX squadron, but we'll give the cruiser and her escorts something to worry about."
Taryn Zel[src]

Lady Worbi was a Stella-class frigate‎ of the Hapan Royal Navy. Sometime in 44 ABY, Lady Worbi traveled to the planet Coruscant under the command of Taryn Zel and Jedi Knight Zekk, in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon to recover Allana Solo, the Chume'da of the Hapes Consortium. Zel attempted to arrange a transfer for Allana, but the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet task force patrolling Coruscant space already deployed XJ5 ChaseX starfighters to pursue the Falcon. In response, Zel deployed Lady Worbi's three Miy'til starfighter squadrons to distract the Galactic Alliance task force.


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