"Piracy is a crime for which I have very little tolerance. It is theft and terrorism at its most base level. This kind of individual represents a grave threat to the Republic — we have achieved nothing if our people cannot travel the star lanes without fear of being attacked and robbed."
General Airen Cracken[src]

Laerron Woern was a male Elomin pirate, who lived during the time of the New Republic.


Laerron Woern was born on the planet Elom in 28 BBY. Woern operated as a pirate during the Galactic Civil War, commanding a pirate fleet consisting of several small assault ships and over a two hundred pirates of various races including Humans, Rodians, Gamorreans, and Elomin. He set up a base in the Drup's Star system's asteroid field known as Woern's Asteroid. Raids by Woern's pirates were indiscriminate, targeting starships from the Galactic Empire, New Republic, and civilian alike. The targets were usually lightly defended cargo fleets, unarmed passenger liners and large civilian cargo transports. However, Woern began to turn his attention specifically towards the New Republic; his last eight strikes were against New Republic assets. Reports placed Woern on the planet Korbin, in the Atrig system, where it was believed that he was purchasing information on New Republic trade routes from spies within the government. The New Republic posted a reward of 25,000 credits for Woern's capture on the charges of piracy and theft; the Elomin Council, considering Woern's actions a disgrace to the Elomin people, offered an additional bounty of 10,000 credits.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Laerron Woern was an Elomin male who stood 1.75 meters tall. He was a shrewd bargainer and con artist, a gambler, and an adept commander.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Woern was trained to use a blaster and melee weapons. He was knowledgeable about alien species, cultures, languages, and planetary systems. Woern was also familiar with bureaucratic procedure and dealing with the criminal underworld. Woern was a skilled pilot, able to fly capital ships, transports, and starfighters. He was able to plot courses through hyperspace, and operate the communications, sensors, weapons, and deflector shields aboard ships. Woern could also drive repulsorlift vehicles, and had training in demolitions and bypassing security systems.[1]


Laerron Woern was armed with a heavy blaster pistol and a sword.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Woern was profiled in Wanted by Cracken, a sourcebook release in 1993 by West End Games. The image of Woern was provided by Mike Jackson.


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