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This article is about the shuttle. You may be looking for the New Mandalorian cadet of the same name.
"Shuttle Lagos requesting permission to dock."
"Lagos, you are clear to proceed."
Lagos captain requests permission to communications ship[src]

Lagos was a Sentinel-class landing craft used by the Galactic Empire.


After the Spectres took control of Lothal's Imperial Communications Center, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin ordered the tower destroyed. Without the primary communications tower, the Empire started using Imperial communication droids to relay information to place to place.[3]

Shuttle Lagos was assigned to carry courier droids to the communications ship in orbit. When the rebels stole the courier droid 264 and sent their mechanic member C1-10P in its place in an attempt to gain information about their captured leader's whereabouts, Lagos delivered the droid to the communications ship, which allowed the rebel droid to copy communication logs from it.[3]



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