Laird Gustavu was Moff of the Tapani sector during Imperial rule. He was in his late fifties.


Gustavu's estate was located on Procopia. He was one of just a few Imperials in the Tapani sector with patronage on Coruscant that was not from the sector itself. He had the power to go head-to-head with any of the houses. When nearing retirement, however, he seldom exercised this power; he was known more as a paper-pusher and did not go out of his way to exert the Empire's will on the sector.

Although he was considered an able leader, Gustavu's success could also be largely credited to hiring competent people and then claiming the credit for himself. He also tended to be placed on worlds where the Empire was largely accepted and he therefore did not have to battle with locals.


Gustavu was pessimistic and depressing, even in auspicious situations. He collected and repaired ancient pistols, keeping over two thousand displayed in their own wing of his palace. Gustavu enjoyed attending celebrations and vacationing on the world of Vycinyth.