Lake Krul was a body of water located on the uninhabited jungle world of Balowa. It was named after the Sith Lord Kaox Krul, who perished there in a titanic struggle against the Jedi Crian Maru and Dree Vandap. The lake was wiped clean of animal life when Krul and Maru destroyed each other in an conflagration of dark side energy.

Twisted, dark trees grew around Lake Krul for about half a kilometer in all directions. The surface looked more like a stagnant swamp than a lake. Dark side mutants were occasionally sighted nearby.

Legends claimed that two spectral beings could be heard and seen waging a lightsaber battle over the center of the lake on stormy nights. Other legends claimed that visitors had encountered the spirit of Kaox Krul, dripping with lake water and bearing a lightsaber wound through his gut. These legends suggested that Krul's padded Sith armor might be found at the bottom of the lake.



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