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"Fledgling species, find attentiveness! Urgency is requisite. We must align purple parallel before more yellow concave actualizes"
―Administrator General Lalat'k, recruiting help with the situation on Asation[src]

Lalat'k was an Administrator General of the Gree Enclave during the time of the Galactic War. He contacted the Empire for help in dealing with a situation on Asation, a Gree world devoted to the storage of Gree technology. One such device, a Grand Hypergate, was capable of creating a rift in hyperspace between two locations, linking them instantaneously. Unfortunately, the device powered up seemingly of its own accord (though actually at the behest of the Dread Masters and their underling Kephess), prompting the Gree to seek assistance among both the Republic and the Empire. Lalat'k met with Colonel Jadick of the Imperial Reclamation Service aboard the Harrower-class dreadnought Ziost Shadow and explained to him the gravity of the situation. The Colonel proved reasonable and recruited an adequate help to deploy to Asation and neutralize the problem.


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