Lalu Morwan was a Hapan female and a former flight surgeon onboard the Kendall during the Swarm War.


During the Second Galactic Civil War, Morwan was an operative for the Hapan independence movement allied with the Corellian Confederation and had contracted Aurra Sing to kill Queen Mother Tenel Ka. However, Morwan's plans backfired once the Solos interfered with their operations. Seeing nowhere else to go, she boarded the Millennium Falcon with the Solos and their droid, C-3PO, whom she found quite annoying. After fixing Han's arm, Morwan attempted to force the Solos into the battle between Ducha Galney of Terephon and the Heritage Council and the Hapan Royal Navy fleet still loyal to Tenel Ka by threatening to shoot Han if Leia did not return to the battle. However, her plan failed when Han disarmed her, breaking her nose.



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