Lalya Verron was a female Human living during the Galactic War. A former slave, she received the attention of Darth Jadus when he returned to Dromund Kaas after being presumed dead and became his devout follower. Her master sent her to Hoth with an explicit mission to endure the pain and sufferting of the cold. Later when Jadus learned of the Imperial Guard coming to Hoth and fighting Jedi, he tasked her with learning their reason for doing so. Layla contacted another followed of Jadus Cipher Nine, and asked the agent to find the remains of the fallen guardsmen in the Starship Graveyard and recover the orders, given to them by The Emperor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lalya Verron appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic as an NPC on Hoth. She only starts the Imperial Agent class mission on Hoth if the Agent chooses to side with Jadus at the end of Chapter 1.


Notes and referencesEdit

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