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"You're unusual for a Sith. You don't even have a title."
"Knowledge, answers, truth, the Force: these are the things I hold dear. Titles don't interest me."
―The Outlander and Lana Beniko[src]
Lana Beniko was a Human female Sith Lord of the Sith Empire. During the Galactic War against the Galactic Republic she served as a key advisor to Dark Council member Darth Arkous. Investigating Arkous' unusual activities in the wake of the Korriban Incursion, Beniko discovered that Arkous was a traitor, secretly working for the Order of Revan. To expose Arkous, Beniko teamed up with some unusual allies, which included Republic SIS agent Theron Shan, a Wookiee smuggler named Jakarro, and other figures of importance on the galactic scale. The group tracked Arkous and his Revanite ally Rian Darok to Rakata Prime, where both were killed, only for Revan himself to enter the scene and attempt to kill Beniko and her allies. Proclaimed a traitor to the Empire, Beniko was forced into hiding along with Theron Shan and Jakarro. The three eventually tracked Revan and his allies to Rishi and with the help of their allies were able to expose the conspiracy to Darth Marr. To stop Revan from resurrecting the Sith Emperor, Beniko and Marr joined forces with Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and traveled to Yavin 4, forming a temporary coalition between the Republic and the Empire. After it became clear that the Emperor was planning on consuming all life in the galaxy, Beniko stood against Revan himself alongside Darth Marr, Satele and Theron Shan, Jakarro and Shae Vizla. Though Revan was defeated, the Emperor nevertheless returned to life. In the aftermath of the confrontation, Darth Marr appointed Beniko as the new head of the reformed Sith Intelligence. One year later, the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire, causing Lana to go into hiding once more. Eventually she teamed up with Koth Vortena, a rogue general from Zakuul who once served the Eternal Empire, and managed to establish the foundations of a small a resistance movement. Five years after the Eternal Empire's invasion, Beniko and Vortena infiltrated a facility on Zakuul to rescue her old friend, a hero of the Great Galactic War, who would ultimately serve as Commander of the Eternal Alliance.


Early lifeEdit

Lana Arkous

Lana Beniko and Darth Arkous

Born to Jaren and Kelsa, one of whom being one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs on Dromund Kaas, Lana Beniko's Force-sensitivity meant she was to undergo training in the Dark side of the Force by the laws of the Sith Empire. She became an Acolyte in the Sith Academy on Korriban, training under Overseer Harkun. As part of her final trial Beniko was sent into the Valley of the Dark Lords to retrieve the helm of Tulak Hord along with a group of other acolytes, which included Greck, Kagan and Bensyn. Knowing that Harkun deemed the task before them impossible, Beniko told the other acolytes that they could only survive by working together. Upon entering the Tomb of Tulak Hord the group was overwhelmed by k'lor'slugs, which left Greck dead and Kagan severely wounded. Beniko eventually found Tulak Hord's helmet among the rubble, but before they could leave, Kagan was killed by an insane Zabrak acolyte. Beniko and Bensyn were the only two acolytes to survive their trials and leave the tomb alive.[2]

Sometime during the Treaty of Coruscant, Lana Beniko was stationed on Hoth when an unexpected skirmish broke out between Republic and Imperial forces. She called for an end to hostilities, but when an Imperial commander refused to obey, she responded by chopping off his right hand.[3]

With and against Darth ArkousEdit

Lana Beniko was eventually given the title of a Sith Lord and was appointed as an advisor to Darth Arkous, a member of the Dark Council and the head of the Sphere of Military Offense since the death of Darth Arho during the Battle of Ilum. Unknowingly to Beniko, Arkous was part of the Order of Revan and sought in her potential to become a recruit as well. In 3638 BBY, Beniko assisted Darth Arkous in planning the Assault on Tython, unaware that other members of Arkous' team - such as Lord Goh and Sergeant Tarsten - were Revanites as well. Beniko recruited a promiment figure in the Empire to lead the assault on the Jedi Temple, though she was unaware that its true goal was to allow Goh to recover a piece of a Rakatan artifact from the Jedi Council chamber. While the assault was still in progress, the Galactic Republic launched its own Korriban Incursion, which was not a retaliation strike, but part of the plan of Revanites within the Republic as well. Though the Dark Council Chambers were reclaimed, Beniko confided in her Imperial ally about her suspicions regarding Arkous' motive for the attack on Tython. The fact that their assault on Tython coincided with the Republic's invasion on Korriban, as well her sensing a "growth" in the Force, added credence to her theory that Darth Arkous was involved in a conspiracy that could threaten the Sith Empire. She spied on Arkous while updating her Imperial ally on his suspicious activities. Initially, her investigation didn't go too well and Lana failed to discover any foul play on Arkous' part.[1]

Theron Lana

On Manaan, Lana and Theron met for the first time

A proper lead emerged when Beniko traced Arkous' movement to a secret laboratory on Manaan. She secretly followed her superior to the planet's surface and urged her droid A7-M1 to alert their Imperial ally to the location as well. Upon discovering that Colonel Rian Darok, the Republic commander who had overseen the attack on Korriban, had traveled to the same location as Arkous, Beniko send her ally to investigate. Meanwhile, she came in contact with with Republic SIS agent Theron Shan, who was investigating a similar ploy on the part of of Darok. Shan alerted Beniko's associates to the location of Jakarro, a Wookiee smuggler imprisoned by the Selkath geneticist Gorima. The Imperial freed the Wookiee and his droid C2-D4 and together discovered that Gorima had received Rakata technology from Arkous and Darok, and was using them to build self-repairing cyborg warriors for an "Infinite Army". Arkous and Darok themselves escaped and tried to flood the facility, though Beniko's new allies managed to make it to the surface. Through her cooperation with Shan, Beniko discovered that Arkous and Darok were both members of the Order of Revan, once believed to be a minor cult operating in the Empire, now seeking to destroy both Republic and Empire to establish a new order.[4]

Continuing her collaboration with Shan, Jakarro, and C2-D4, Beniko uncovered a number of other Revanite traitors within the ranks on the Empire, while Shan and Jakarro tracked Arkous and Darok to Rakata Prime, the homeworld of the Rakata and capital of their Infinite Empire, where the Revanites were building their new Infinite army based on Gorima's research. Shan and Beniko arranged for a strike team to assault the Temple of the Ancients, while they provided tactical intel from onboard Jakarro's XS stock light freighter. Staging a diversion for Shan, Beniko secretly asked her Imperial allies to retrieve a piece of Rakata technology from one of the cyborgs for further study. Jakarro and the strike team confronted the Revanite leaders on the roof of the Temple and killed them when it became clear they would not cooperate. It was then that the true leader was revealed - none other than Revan himself, the "growth" in the Force that Lana had sensed. His Harrower-class dreadnought bombarded the Temple of the Ancients, though Beniko's allies made it out alive.[5]

Against the ConspiracyEdit

Regrouping on Manaan, Beniko discovered that the Revanites had used their influence to place a bounty on her head for the murder of Darth Arkous, a charge she could not contest unless the Revanites were exposed, while it had become clear that their influence would not make it easy. She was forced to go into hiding along with Shan and Jakarro, who faced similar charges. She advised her Imperial ally to go on with their life, but to remain on the watch for the Revanites and above all avoid contacting her. In an attempt to find lodging, Lana and her companions traveled to Tatooine. However, Beniko sensed Imperial agent Sharack Breev attempting to shadow her and thus returned to Jakarro's ship to depart the planet.[5]

Legacy of Rakata

Lana, Theron and Jakarro on Rakata Prime

Eventually, the trio discovered that the Revanites had allied themselves with the Nova Blades pirate gang based out of Rishi, having them target key hyperlanes. Requiring their allies to find out what the Revanites were up to without being revealed, Lana made contact with Corellian Run Scoundrels leader Kai Zykken, using a mind trick to persuade him to spread rumors that their ally was a fearsome leader part of a pirate gang, while Theron remotely sliced their ally's navicomputers to draw them to Rishi. Once the hero followed the trail of breadcrumbs left by Lana and Theron, the duo revealed themselves and explained their current situation. They needed to manually slice the files on the Nova Blades' base of operation while avoiding drawing the Revanites to themselves, hence the masquerade to make it look like a common pirate rivalry. Theron and Lana sent their ally, masquerading as the faux pirate gang, out to harass the Nova Blades, attacking their operations and slave camps, threatening the pirate' alliance with the Revanites. Eventually, they targeted the Blades' base at the crashed Aggressor, killing Commodore Dael Margok and recovering intel on Revanite agents. While Theron got to decoding the intel, Lana sent their ally to meet with Shae Vizla, whose Mandalorian clan was formerly allied with the Blades and Revanites, to acquire more information. Meanwhile, Lana joined Jakarro and Theron in infiltrating a Revanite safehouse, but their attempt went sour and Theron was spotted. Lana allowed Theron to be captured and restrained Jakarro from intervening and revealing themselves, judging that Shan could gain more information in captivity and wouldn't betray their secrets - she herself had probed his mind with the Force to no effect.[6]

When her ally returned, Lana and Jakarro were told that the Revanites had a fleet waiting somewhere on the planet. Lana then realized that by changing the hyperlanes the Revanites were drawing the Empire and Republic fleets to Rishi, luring them both into an ambush. Thankfully, by that time C2-D4 decoded that the Revanites were based on the Sky Ridge Island nearby and suggested taking up lodging with the Rishii village based there. The trio traveled there and met with the local named Arankau, who allowed them to stay in the village. Lana stayed behind to help with slicing, sending her ally to scout the Revanite camps. Learning that Theron was being kept at their main base, Beniko's ally went on the rescue mission, though Shan was able to escape captivity by himself. He then revealed Revan's plan - upon both fleet's arrival at Rishi, Revanite sleepers on both sides would sabotage key systems while the signal jammer on the ground would prevent the fleets from coordinating, at which point the Revanite fleet would move in and massacre the survivors. With his plan exposed, Revan remotely set his stronghold to self-destruct, but Lana was able to remotely abort the sequence.[6]

The Yavin CoalitionEdit

Lana Marr

Lana on Yavin 4 with Darth Marr

With the signal jammer protected from slicing and aerial bombardment, the strike team quickly moved in to deactivate the signal jammer, enabling communication with the fleets as they revealed the Revanite conspiracy. Theron uploaded the identities of double agents, resulting in their impromptu detainment.[7] Grand Master Satele Shan and Darth Marr agreed to meet in Raider's Cove to discuss a temporary truce so they could deal with Revan. With the order exposed, Lana's name was cleared and she once again answered directly to a Dark Council member. Both Republic and Imperial sides agreed to form a temporary truce to stop Revan from resurrecting the Sith Emperor, who was intent to consume all life in the galaxy. The coalition made their way to Yavin 4, where Lana lamented that what trust she had in common with Theron was gone after he learned that she was the one who allowed him to be captured.[8]

The coalition forces established a staging area on Yavin 4 and were able to apprehend the Imperial Guard Commandant Iven. As their situation became clear and the time drew to a close, the coalition forces were able to overcome their vast differences and worked together to storm the Temple of Sacrifice and stop Revan's ritual. To deal with Revan himself, Beniko stood side by side with Darth Marr, Satele and Theron Shan, Jakarro and Shae Vizla. After a prolonged fight, Revan was defeated, though the Sith Emperor was still able to return to life, feeding off the lives taken by Coalition forces during the fighting on Yavin 4. To the confusion of Darth Marr, the Emperor left without possessing a body or taking a physical form and had to be found in order to be defeated once and for all, while Revan finally became one with the Force. In the aftermath of the battle, Darth Marr appointed Beniko as the new head of the reformed Sith Intelligence. She said goodbye to Theron, Jakarro and her ally, before departing the jungle moon alongside with Marr. She later sent an e-mail to her ally, commenting on her new job as the head of Sith Intelligence.[9]

Minister of Sith IntelligenceEdit



On Ziost Lana faced her first major crisis as the head of the Sith Intelligence

Beniko's responsibilities as Minister of Sith Intelligence were put to the test on Ziost. The former Emperor, Vitiate, began possessing the population of the capital city, New Adasta and used them to slaughter each other to fuel himself. Despite possessing both Imperial and Sith alike, Vitiate gave up trying to possess Beniko due to her mental defenses, making her suspect that the former Emperor was not as strong as he once was. As the Republic's invasion of the planet only added to the chaos, Beniko once again allied with Theron and their ally who previously aided them against the Revanites, to stop the Emperor. Theron had previously discovered that by shocking Vitiate's thralls into unconsciousness, it broke his control over them. Thus, he modified New Adasta's electrostatic weapon, originally designed to counter major civil uprisings, to be non-lethal. Though the plan worked, incapacitating Vitiate's pawns, one remained standing, Master Surro, Sixth Line commander, who subdued Beniko and Theron, only to be defeated by their ally.[10]

Beniko later evacuated Ziost before Vitiate consumed all life on the planet. Despite her failing her first mission as Sith Intelligence Minister, Beniko resolved to carry on.[11]

The Eternal Empire's InvasionEdit

At the same time Vitiate fled towards Wild Space, a pair of twin conquerors of a mysterious third faction attacked Korriban before disappearing into the western galaxy.[12] Darth Marr led a joint Imperial-Republic fleet into Wild Space in pursuit of Vitiate, unintentionally encroaching on the territory of the invaders, the Eternal Empire. Subsequently, Beniko felt Marr's death through the Force and identified his murderer as the former Sith Emperor, who secretly created and ruled the Eternal Empire under the name of Valkorion. His son, Arcann, later took the throne after claiming that an Outlander assassinated his father and launched an all-out war against the galaxy in retaliation, though Beniko, among others, discerned the truth of Arcann's treachery. [13] Within a year, the Empire and Republic had all but fallen to the Eternal Empire and were forced to pay heavy tribute to Arcann. Suspicious on why the tributes were more than what was necessary for the Eternal Empire, Beniko dedicated some of her resources to finding out Arcann's plans for the tribute.[14]

Searching for the OutlanderEdit

In the five years since Arcann's conquest, Beniko, accompanied by a bodyguard droid named HK-55, traveled into Wild Space in search of the Outlander, knowing her former ally had the skills to overthrow Arcann. In her travels, she encountered Senya Tirall, a Knight of Zakuul, whom she managed to turn due to Senya acknowledging how cruel and oppressive Arcann's reign was.[15]

Lana gun

Beniko saving the Outlander from Arcann's imprisonment

Beniko attempted to cultivate Zakuulans unsympathetic to Arcann and found it in Koth Vortena, a military deserter. They had a series of adventures together on planets such as Arron Prime and Altair 3. By 3632 BBY, they mounted a rescue of the Outlander. With the aid of T7-O1, Beniko infiltrated the Spire where the Outlander was being kept in carbonite. As the carbonite freezing process was imperfect, thus poisoning the Outlander, Beniko quickly administered an antidote just after her ally was thawed out. They then made for their rendezvous with Koth, all the while trying to keep ahead of Vaylin, Arcann's sister. After fighting past skytroopers and Knights, they reached a dead end and were cornered by Vaylin. Beniko was ready to hold her off to let ensure the Outlander's escape, but thankfully, Koth showed up and rescued them.[16]

Finding the GravestoneEdit

Unfortunately, their ship had sustained damage in their escape and crashed into the Endless Swamp. Beniko stayed behind with Koth to hide evidence of their landing while the Outlander and HK went ahead to investigate a large technological object. When they caught up to their companions, HK informed them that the object is not native to Zakuul. Koth quickly identified it as the Gravestone, the legendary starship that singlehandedly stood up to the Eternal Fleet. Koth was convinced that the recent event they've experienced was a sign of fate that they would beat Arcann, though Lana disagreed.[14]

Later, while scouting for supplies and safe drinking water, Beniko brought the Outlander up to speed on the state of the galaxy. They then returned to repair the Gravestone.[14] By the time they managed to fix it, they came under siege by skytroopers and Knights. Senya arrived during the fighting and assisted Beniko and her associates. Koth became hostile upon spotting Senya, as he had spent years running from her. But as reinforcements were on the way, he chose to table the argument to get the Gravestone off the ground. Beniko and Senya contributed using the Force, successfully raising the ancient ship. As they fled Zakuul, the Eternal Fleet appeared to interdict them, but the Gravestone's omnicannon, destroying more than two dozen ships in a single shot, enabling them to escape into hyperspace.[15]


The Gravestone managed to limp to the shadowport of Asylum, where Senya intended to rendezvous with undisclosed allies. After meeting Koth's crew, Beniko went to contact her network. She later found HK wandering Asylum with no memory of where he had been in the past few hours. When she returned to the Gravestone to inform Koth of what happened, Koth recalled that HK was to accompany the Outlander to Senya's rendezvous and assumed that the turncoat Knight had betrayed them. However, Beniko suspected that Senya's mystery contacts were the real danger.[17]

Lana Koth

Lana and Koth arrive at Scion Enclave.

Thankfully, HK remembered the location of the meet before his memory wipe, and so, Beniko and Koth rallied the crew and found a concealed entrance. Storming the hideout, they found the Outlander and Senya in a standoff with the Scions of Zakuul and demanded the aggressors stand down, which they did. The Scion leader, Heskal, then shocked everyone by revealed that Valkorion lived within the Outlander's mind. The news excited Koth, who believed Valkorion's survival meant hope for Zakuul. Beniko insisted that Valkorion was a threat to all life in the galaxy and vowed to find a way to extract the Immortal Emperor from the Outlander's mind. What was more shocking was Senya confessing that she was Arcann and Vaylin's mother.[17]

Returning to the Gravestone, Koth had it out with Senya for holding back on them. Senya suggested asking Valkorion himself for whether or not she could be trusted, but the Outlander made it clear that they are not his mouthpiece. Koth stated that restoring Valkorion to the throne should be their goal, but Beniko insisted that he was a world devourer. She and Koth got at odds with one another, both insisting they knew Valkorion better. The argument got awkward when Senya insisted that she knew Valkorion better.[18]

HK then interrupted, announcing that Teeseven had passed a message from the "Lady of Sorrows", who wished to commune with the Gravestone. Koth and Senya were familiar with the name, knowing the Lady as an elusive information broker who operated out of Zakuul's Old World. Senya claimed to know to the Old World well and accompanied the Outlander back to Zakuul to recruit the Lady of Sorrows. Before they departed, Beniko advised the Outlander act as an example for Koth and Senya to cooperate.[18]

The Lady later turned out to be a droid named SCORPIO, who used to work with Imperial Intelligence in the past. Upon demanding access to the Gravestone's mainframe, SCORPIO was met with a wall of mistrust, so she accepted to be delegated to the hyperdrive. Beniko then took the Outlander aside to inform them that elements from both Republic and Empire were willing to support an Alliance to destroy the Eternal Throne. Subsequently, the Outlander was summoned to the Scions' hideout by Heskal. Beniko advised the Outlander to be cautious around Scions, knowing zealots to be unpredictable.[18]

Battle of AsylumEdit


Lana blasts the Skytroopers as the Gravestone takes off

Without warning, Asylum came under attack by the Eternal Empire. Beniko managed to raise the Outlander, who had survived a confrontation with Arcann. Beniko later defended the Gravestone alongside Koth's crew until the Outlander and Teeseven arrived. Beniko then informed the Outlander that Arcann's forces had taken control of docking clamps keeping the Gravestone in place. Before they could leave, they were confronted by Vaylin. Luckily, Senya intervened and engaged Vaylin so the Outlander and Beniko could go on ahead and meet Koth. Beniko then volunteered to hold a choke point so Koth and the Outlander could reach the Control Spar.[19]

When the Gravestone was freed, Beniko rejoined her companions as they fled Asylum. Despite the omnicannon being non-operational, though they were able to escape into hyperspace. However, all eyes turned to the Outlander, who fell unconscious, having suffered injuries from fighting Arcann. Beniko and company checked up on the Outlander after a few days. The Outlander mournfully confirmed that HK-55 was destroyed by Arcann. Beniko then got angry when SCORPIO insensitively labeled the HK droids inferior, threatening to deactivate her.[19]

The AllianceEdit

Unbeknownst to the Outlander, Lana had secretly been calling in favors across the galaxy, leading to an unprecedented gathering of Imperial and Republic dissidents on the planet Odessen. Lana's contacts, which included Theron Shan, had come together to form an alliance against the Eternal Empire, putting aside the remnants of the Galactic War to free the galaxy of Arcann's tyranny. Lana handed command of the Alliance over to the Outlander, preferred to remain in the shadows as she always had.[20]

As the Alliance expanded and grew as the Commander recruited individuals such as Kaliyo Djannis[21] and Aric Jorgan[22], a major operation in tapping Zakuul's planetary transmitter revealed the existence of the GEMINI frequency, the means of which Arcann controlled the Eternal Fleet. With data on the Spire Kaliyo helped the Commander obtain, the Alliance discovered the existence of a hyperwave relay station ten kilometers beneath the Spire, linking the Eternal Throne to the fleet. Lana believed they should decrypt the GEMINI frequency to learn Arcann's plans, but Kaliyo wanted to control it and Jorgan wanted to destroy it. After the Outlander assigned an infiltration and distraction team, Lana advised the Commander to consult Valkorion for information on how to invade the Spire.[23]

Unfortunately, the Outlander went missing, forcing the Alliance to proceed with the mission. While in the middle of the operation, the Outlander returned unexpectedly, explaining that Valkorion lured them out into the wilderness and left their mind for parts unknown, before the Outlander met Satele Shan and the ghost of Darth Marr, who helped construct a new weapon to defeat Arcann; Lana remarked that a terrible lie like that had to be true. Subsequently, the infiltration team went dark, forcing the diversion team to go in to rescue them. The Alliance could do nothing but wait for a status report as the Spire went into lockdown.[23]

Lana sabacc

Lana plays holo-sabacc with Theron, Koth and Gault

Lana subsequently proceeded to the cantina and engaged a newcomer, Gault Rennow, in a game of sabacc. She attempted to read the Devaronian's mind but all she saw was a series of clouded images, preventing her from learning what cards he had, enabling him to beat her.[24]

Subsequently, Gault propositioned to the Alliance a plan to raid the Gilded Star, the Eternal Empire's treasury ship, to fund an underfunded Alliance. Lana participated in the heist by piloting a tanker ship and brought up alongside the Gilded Star, siphoning its valuable contents that were vaporized by a warhead the Outlander and Gault placed inside the vault.[24]

Upon their return to Odessen, they received both Kaliyo and Jorgan, who had barely managed to escape the Spire with a database on the GEMINI droids.[24] Hoping to salvage this fiasco, Lana had SCORPIO analyze the drive, revealing the existence of a template, GEMINI Prime, on Darvannis. Lana noted that the factory where the Prime resided, as well as the landscape, required an army to siege, so Theron called in Mandalorian allies. Lana remained behind on Odessen while the Commander went to meet with Mandalore the Avenger. Later on, during the siege, Lana passed on detailed schematics of the factory from Theron to the Commander. She also cautioned the Outlander regarding a long-term alliance with the Mandalorians, comparing them to wild animals craving violence.[25]

Once GEMINI Prime was in their possession, SCORPIO analyzed the template and was able to easily crack the droid due to their similar designs. As SCORPIO explained, by plugging the Prime into the captain's chair of any warship in the Eternal Fleet, they'd be able to take control of the entire network, and she had managed to locate one such warship they could take.[26] SCORPIO unfortunately betrayed everyone and took the Eternal Throne for herself, stealing Arcann's control over all but a few ships. With SCORPIO have leaked Odessen's location, Arcann proceeded to attack with his last forces, leading to the Battle of Odessen.[27]

Lana coordinate the Alliance's counterattack and infiltration of the Eternal Flagship, fighting alongside the Outlander as they made their way to the bridge to confront Arcann. Midway, they were commed by Theron, who informed them that the omnicannon was nonfunctional and the Eternal Fleet was focusing fire on the Flagship, at which Lana realized SCORPIO's true plan was to eliminate both the Outlander and Arcann simultaneously.[27]

Upon reaching the bridge, Lana stayed behind to fight a squad of Zakuul Knights, insisting that it was the Outlander's destiny to defeat Arcann. Lana later rendezvoused with the rest of the infiltration team before receiving news over her comm from the Outlander, confirming that Arcann was no more. As the ship was coming apart, Lana commandeered a Zakuul shuttle while the Outlander escaped in a Zakuul starfighter. As they fled the Flagship, Senya revealed that Arcann was alive and she was taking him away in the hopes of redeeming him and escaped into hyperspace aboard Arcann's personal shuttle.[27]

With little time to focus on Senya's betrayal, Lana reminded that the Eternal Fleet was still their primary concern, at which the Gravestone fired on the Eternal Flagship, creating a massive explosion that wiped out the Fleet and forcing the three Alliance ship to flee. After Lana and her companions returned to the base, she assured the Outlander that despite the betrayals they've endured, the Battle of Odessen had become the rallying point the Alliance needed for all the forces seeking to oppose the Eternal Empire, swelling their ranks and giving them the capability to repel future invasions.[27]

Invasion of VossEdit

In spite of the Alliance's victory over Arcann, his sister Vaylin had seized the throne in his absence and began carving a path of destruction across the galaxy in search of her family. Her search led her to launch an all-out attack on Voss, which at the time Theron was investigating a lead on Senya and Arcann. As the Alliance fleet engaged the Eternal Fleet, Lana flew a stolen Zakuul shuttle with the Outlander along with Torian Cadera and a squad of Mandalorians down to the planet surface to break the siege of Voss-Ka. Once they had secured the Tower of Prophecy from Vaylin's Horizon Guard, they received a holotransmission from Senya, revealing she was at the Shrine of Healing hoping the Voss Mystics would heal her son of his anger, and pleaded for the Alliance's aid, believing Arcann would join their fight. Lana soon led the Mandalorians towards the Shrine while the Outlander and Theron separately rode Torian's walker Storm Rider. Unfortunately, they were unable to prevent Arcann from escaping the planet. Luckily, before the Eternal Fleet could bombard Voss, a fleet of Imperial ships appeared out of hyperspace and drove the enemy off. Subsequently, they were contacted by Empress Acina, who invited the Outlander to Dromund Kaas to discuss an alliance against Vaylin.[28]

Return to Dromund KaasEdit

Lana accompanied the Outlander and Theron to Dromund Kaas, where they were greeted by Gelmid Lorman, whom introduced himself as the Minister of Logistics when Lana addressed him as Moff, who then escorted to Acina. Subsequently, the Sith Empress insisted on speaking with the Commander privately on her personal shuttle, so the Outlander ordered Lana and Theron to remain behind and keep an eye on Lorman, who angrily demanded to be referred to as Minister first.[29]

Lana later sat down to meditate while Theron sliced the Imperial databanks. She was soon forced to tell him to stop as she sensed someone approaching. The visitor was Lorman, who informed them that the Empress's shuttle had crashed in the wilds and had come to the conclusion that both Acina and the Outlander were dead, which Lana found to be impossible. Though the two advisors decided to investigate the crash, Lorman insisted that there was a hazardous storm i nthe vicinity of the crash that would make that impossible. Later on, they were contacted by former Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who offered to take leadership of the Alliance. Lana reminded the Twi'lek that technically she already served her term as chancellor, to which Saresh replied that true leaders didn't need titles to hold power and asked the pair to join forces with her to defeat Vaylin. Theron reminded that the Commander was still considered missing and thus refused her offer. After Saresh signed off with the promise that they'll join her, Lana decided to forgo the risk of traversing the storm.[29]

As they descended in a turbolift, they receive a transmission from Admiral Bey'wan Aygo, informing them that Saresh had arrived on Odessen, taking advantage of the disarray among the Alliance forces over the Commander's supposed demise. they were held at blasterpoint by a trio of Imperial troops sent by Lorman to stop them. Lana and Theron easily made quick work of them before answering a call from a holotransmitter on one of the troopers. As they learned, Lorman was working with Saresh and the GenoHaradan to unsuccessfully assassinate the Outlander and Acina.[29]

After quickly informing the Outlander about Saresh's machinations, they return to Odessen, where the Outlander's sudden reappearance forced Saresh to flee, but Lana cut off her escape.[29]

Personality and traitsEdit

Lana Beniko

Beniko in her youth

"There was something about her. Secretive. Conniving. I ignored it, and for that I cannot forgive myself."
―Sgt. Tarsten[src]

Lana Beniko had a very unusual personality for a Sith Lord. She spoke in a very serene and considerate manner,[1][3] and possessed a keen mind with a preference to analyze the problem rather to charge it head on. She was a patriot of the Empire and seemed to care more about its safety than her own goals or achieving new titles.[1] Her patriotism made her pragmatic enough to ally with unlikely allies against threats to the Empire, including a Wookiee smuggler, a Republic SIS agent and eventually even Jedi. She genuinely grew to care for her friends on both sides and would show worry if they were in danger. Unlike practically every other Sith, Lana held no disdain for non-Humans, people without Force-sensitivity and even loyal citizens of the Galactic Republic, neither did she have the urge to remind them of their place. Her outward appearance showed little to no effect of Dark Side corruption and she possessed a healthy sense of humor, free from sadistic tendencies typical of Sith. She easily fit with unlikely companions for weeks, it took the combined force of an extremely stressful situation and constant annoyance to get her to even raise her voice; a situation most Sith would choose to settle with either a Force-choke or their lightsaber. Despite all this, Lana was able to make hard decisions and remained a loyal Imperial even after she was branded a traitor and refused an offer to defect to the Republic. Lana grew close to Theron Shan, Jakarro and her ally and sincerely regretted when Theron lost his trust in her, she parted with him on good terms though she already prepared to made his life difficult in her new role at the Sith Intelligence. Her calm outward demeanor was also contrasted by her prowess in combat, and she had no qualms of using Force lightning against Revan during the fight.

After becoming one of the owners of HK-55, Lana had become quite attached to the bodyguard droid. When SCORPIO insensitively labeled the HK-series droid to be inferior, Lana threatened to deactivate SCORPIO. She was initially saddened to see HK destroyed during the Battle of Asylum,[19] but happily embraced its ultimate reconstruction.[30]

During the Alliance battle on Zakuul to Seize the Eternal Throne. Lana and Theron worked together(if the Outlander killed Senya and Arcann.) Lana cares a lot about Theron, seeing after he was wounded fighting skytroopers, and told her to save herself, she refused and said they would fight and if it comes die together.[31]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lana Beniko is voiced by Lydia Leonard in Star Wars: The Old Republic. She first appeared as part of the Forged Alliances storyline in game update 2.7, released by BioWare in April 2014. After the revelation of Revan's survival, the storyline was rebranded as Shadow of Revan prelude and led directly into the events of the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan, where Beniko plays a major role. Lana is a critical NPC in both of these expansions. Beniko is a permanent companion for the player in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, sporting a new outfit and hairstyle.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

In Chapter IV of Knights of the Fallen Empire, the player can choose whether or not to tell Beniko that Valkorion continues to exist their mind. If the player withholds this information, the truth comes out during Chapter VI: Asylum, which affects Beniko's approval with the Outlander.

Lana remains a critical character in Knights of the Eternal Throne and is the Outlander's most consistent companion, particularly on Nathema. If the Outlander kills Senya Tirall early in the storyline, then Lana, along with Theron, will remain by the Outlander's side throughout the showdown with Vaylin and during the final push to the Eternal Throne, and will be the one to broadcast the Outlander's ascension on the HoloNet. If the Outlander aids Senya, then Lana will coordinate the resistance during these chapters instead. In either case, Lana will be seen in the final cutscene, either standing with Theron at the left hand of the new emperor, or preparing to heal the galaxy in the Alliance's new crisis center.


Lana beniko

Lana Beniko concept art

Both male and female player characters of both the Republic and the Empire factions have the option to flirt with Lana on several different occasions during the storyline, potentially leading to a more developed romance and culminating in a passionate kiss at the end of the Shadow of Revan expansion.

Following the Ziost missions, Imperial players who have been pursuing a romance can share another kiss with Lana on Vaiken Spacedock.

In Knights of the Fallen Empire, the player can flirt with Lana several times throughout the story, and is presented with the option (re)initiate a full romance with her during Chapter IX. If the Outlander previously had a relationship with Lana but doesn't flirt with her after being rescued, or also flirts with Koth, then Lana's feelings will cool and the Outlander will be unable to initiate a romance.



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