"Hold up there friends, what brings you to the Landing?"
Gall, to Lady Wylla's agents[src]

The Landing was the sole settlement on the planet Engebo V, in the Outer Rim Territories. The settlement was established by the Outer Rim Oreworks Company as a mining installation and for a time, it prospered. However, a few centuries later, the planet's mineral deposits eventually dried up and Outer Rim Oreworks abandoned the Landing and Engebo V. The Human entrpreneur Jaffro Davengatt subsequently established Davengatt's Double-Zed Nerf Ranch in the Landing, a farm that produced high-quality nerf meat.

At some point during galactic history, the Alderaanian Lady Wylla sent a group of agents to the Landing, to purchase some nerf steaks. However, shortly afterward the Landing became infested with skekfish, which killed most of the settlement's population.



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