The Landing Lights Bar was a cantina, that was located in the city Hedrett, on the planet Cularin. It operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


The bar was located in the city of Hedrett, near to Hedrett Groundport. It was a long, low building, that was made of duracrete. Outside, it had a large parking lot and a pale blue neon sign with the bar's name on. The cantina was the site of a lot of gambling and brawls among the patrons were also not uncommon. The bar had patrons from among a wide variety of species and most of them were workers at Hedrett Groundport.


The bar originally had a band, that played live music. However, a drunken brawl spread onto the bandstand, resulting in their instruments being smashed up. The Wookiee Arrogha was a patron of the bar, and in about 32 BBY, the Heroes of Cularin traveled there, to speak to him.