The Landing Shootout was an aiming contest annually held in the town of Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd in the last decades of the Galactic Republic. It was also a public holiday except for people in stands selling food and drinks, and for the security agents.

The Shootout had five hour-long rounds, each with a decreasing number of targets: The first one had five targets, the fifth had only one, and the shooter closer to the center was the winner. Anyone could compete, although few reached the third round.

The Shootout was organized by the Administrator of the mines, who was also the mayor of the city. The mayor also provided monetary awards to the winners, including 1,000 credits for the 2nd and 3rd winner, and 300 credits for anyone reaching the 5th round.

Security Chief Mix Liddell won the first prize ten times in a row from 55 BBY to 44 BBY. He then retired undefeated and from that moment on, he awarded the first prize: An elegant, powered pearl-handed slugthrower handcrafted by himself.

Although violence was uncommon, Administrator Guther Bartyn increased the security in his time.