Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings

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Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings

Ian Edginton


Carlos Meglia


Steve Haynie


Michelle Madsen


Philip Amara

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics



General information

Rebellion era



Part of

Star Wars Tales

Published in

Star Wars Tales 5

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Followed by

The Hovel on Terk Street

Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings was a comic book story published in Star Wars Tales 5. The comic was written by Ian Edginton, pencilled by Carlos Meglia, and colored by Michelle Madsen. It was canonized in Unusual Suspects, an article in Star Wars Gamer 6.

Plot summaryEdit

After a convoy of New Republic starships come out of hyperspace and are captured by pirates in TIE/In interceptors, Lando Calrissian is called to deal with the pirates. Lando is specifically chosen as he is similar to General Han Solo as they both have "colorful backgrounds" referring to their "crooked" past. "Send a Thief to catch a Thief" as Lando says. The Commander tells Lando that he can ask for anything in terms of equipment, men and ships. Lando then assembles Lando's Commandos, a team of thieves, pilots, bounty hunters, smugglers and Air Marshal Von Asch who trained the pilots of the pirate TIE/LN starfighters.

Lando's Commandos.

During the briefing, Isolde Siro yells at the former Imperial Officer suggesting he should be on a prison barge and that he shouldn't be trusted as he is one of "them." The briefing also reveals that there is a traitor in the New Republic. Giza and Tiatkin say they can track down and find the pirates and Kine reports as to what the systems are like, having flown there all his life. Von Asch assures them that due to that fact, that's where they are.

Piloting the Millennium Falcon, Lando and his team (some of which follow in separate ships) head into what they've narrowed down as the base of the pirates. Getting off the ships, the team come under heavy fire and Lando tells Kine to watch Von Asch. Kine tells Lando to "Watch Yourself!" and shoots Lando. Kine is the traitor and not Von Asch as many of the team suspected. Pointing a gun to Isolde's head, the team puts down their weapons. The Imperial pirates tell Von Asch the ruse was for his benefit, to free him from his recruitment. Von Asch angrily rebukes the pirates telling them they are a "disgrace!" One of the pirates then points a pistol at the Air Marshal telling him "if you're not with us, you're against us."

Suddenly the pirate with the gun along with an accomplice are shot dead. Lando is not dead at all. Lando contacts Lobot who arrives with reinforcements and ships, who fire at the Imperial pirates. Realizing he is out of options, Kine ignites an energy sword and attempts to kill Isolde, but Von Asch jumps into the blade, saving Isolde but sacrificing himself. Lying in a pool of his own blood, he tells Siro that he saved her because she has a destiny. Isolde calls for a medic.

Later on, Lando and the Commander talk about Von Asch, who lives to fight another day. Lando explains to the commander about how he worked out Kine was the villain of the picture.

The commander tells Lando that the Republic could still use his expertise. Lando being a typical gambler, flips for it.


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