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After they were mined and packed on automated cargo pods, Corusca gems that were mined by GemDiver Station were sent to Lando Calrissian's Corusca gem broker, who lived and did business on Borgo Prime. He was responsible for the actual selling of the gems to interested parties. Though his contract with Calrissian allowed for him to reap only a small percentage of the profits made by selling the gems, this was offset by their extreme value.

The gem broker zealously guarded the identities of his customers from Calrissian, reasoning that if Calrissian knew who they were, he would then lose his status as a middleman. However, his professional ethics could be tossed out of the viewport the price was right.

Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka—traveling under the assumed names of Iltar and Beknit—discovered as much when they were trying to find out who had bought the industrial-grade Corusca gems that had ironically been used to penetrate the hull of GemDiver Station during the kidnapping of Jacen, Jaina, and Lowbacca. The gem broker was adamant that the names of his customers not be divulged, but a necklace of Corusca gems managed to make him quite willing to tell them that a Nightsister had purchased a large amount of industrial-grade industrial gems recently.

Personality and traitsEdit

Lando's broker was a heavily bearded man who walked with a limp.